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This article showcases five items to make you shine this summer. Looking radiant and caring for the environment has never been easier than with these products selected just for you. 

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


Let’s bring back colors into our lives. After a year full of emotions and self-reflecting time at home, this summer promises to bring us back some sunlight of happiness that we hope lasts the whole year.

 Good news! Orange and gold are happy colors, and they are in during summer. On top of that, you can wear them at any time of the year; combine them and take some summer vibes with you for each upcoming season. 

How to put together an outfit that makes you glow effortlessly facing the sun? For that, you may need some practical accessories, starting with one to fit all your items in. What about a glowing bold orange bag? It would carry products that will protect you from the sun, such as a coconut hair pomade and sunglasses ready to be worn when a ray of sunlight comes your way. It sounds tempting, but something is missing, perhaps a gleaming but still sober gold ring to catch the eye? 

Imagine those charming pieces created with sustainable materials. That is possible. Here, we select five accessories for you to wear and shine with confidence this summer.


Cayman shiny strap bag – orange

Firstly, we will need a fabulous purse to store all our accessories. HAVISK, a dannish brand inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen, brings for you the Cayman orange shiny strap bag. This article comes in an electric orange color, with a crocodile skin leather style that is, be prepared, vegan! Havisk designers want you to have a very colorful and detail-oriented item which will make you feel unique. This exquisite bag is ready to complete your summer outfit!

Card holder croco – orange 

Now, if you frequently miss your cards or take a lot of time looking for your driver’s license or identification inside your bag, search no more. We got you! From our innovative danish creators, we introduce the orange card holder croco, a beautiful little accessory made with sustainable materials. It contains one open pocket and four card slots. Get effortlessly organized and ready to go with a colorful and functional orange cardholder.


The cano shoe – Gold ring hammered 

We have the Cano gold ring for you to match every outfit you will wear this season because golden accessories shine brighter in summer! This ring comes from two german designers who founded this company after falling in love with Mexico’s culture. They decided to develop a sustainable brand, which now has become a climate neutral certified company. This piece of jewellery has been made with recycled materials and in collaboration with young Mexican artisans. The ring is 14k, adjustable and ready to embellish your hands!


Hampton wooden cat eye sunglasses 

A pair of sunglasses is a must-have accessory during summer. 1 People, a danish minimalism-style brand, has the perfect fit for your days under the blinding sun: Hampton wooden eye-cat sunglasses. This stylish piece is made of upcycled wood and handcraft. This summer, bring the glamour and freshness from the Hamptons to your outfit!



Your hair also deserves the best, and Panakeea thought about it! This family brand has created a hair pomade made of natural products, such as beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. This mix of natural components will make your hair shinier than the sun!

Make space in your bag for these products! You will not be just ready for a sizzling summer, but you will be wearing fashionable and sustainable products. Who would have thought that looking good and respecting the environment could be possible? Believe it and shine with us!

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