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Level up your style and beat the summer heat with beachwear crafted in sustainable materials.

Words By Vanessa Zanchi


The trick to really leveling up your style and beat the summer heat is to make swimwear your most fashionable piece. From Summer Fridays out of the office to weekend getaways in the countryside, to that beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of, summer outfits are built around your best beachwear, so it’s important to choose wisely to flex your summer looks and beat the heat in style! Sustainable styles ran the fashion gamut this year with high fashion designers proposing selections made with recycled polyester materials. 

To help you upgrade to the eco-chic style this summer, here are our standout picks from a few sustainable brands that are easy on the conscience and will compliment your summer wardrobe. From the fit to the fabric to the prints, each brand will seamlessly pair with your favorite button down or tee-shirt and won’t look a hair out of place whether you’re hanging out at home, heading out for a jog, or hitting the bodega down the street.

The Gassa D’Amante Amalfi Short

This nautical cotton rope is an ode to Italian vintage design. Hand-sewn and made using high quality 100% recyclable polyester from recovered plastic, It has a detailed double pocket and embroidery in the back. The pattern is inspired by the picturesque ceramics from the south of Italy and the colors recall the Amalfi Coast. Ideal with a linen button down or your favorite t-shirt, these trunks will give you the vintage stylish look you’ve been looking for and make you travel through time in the Mediterranean!

The Pyque Swimshorts Matches All Over

These mid-length elasticated shorts with embroidered motifs will pair with both your city and beach life and put you on the spot-light for all the good reasons. The vibrant red color will give you a smart and elegant look. The open front and zipped back pockets will also make this piece useful for your active days playing tennis at the beach or going for a run! Moreover, the brand is truly one of a kind as it is made in Portugal in an eco-responsible environment with the mission to reduce the quantity of plastic in the ocean. This way, you and future generations will be able to enjoy swimming for a long time!

Gassa D’Amante portofino Short

Inspired by the Marina di Portofino, these sustainable beachwear shorts feature a print that recalls the fishermen’s houses. The embroidered details on the back and nautical cotton rope add a classic touch for an elevated beach look. This vintage Mediterranean style is perfect for every occasion and will undoubtedly be your best find for that summer vacation coming up!

Panareha – SAIREE RPET Beach Shorts

For a comfortable and relaxed look, these beach shorts are your best bet! The style is modern and the blue color will pair well with a white tee and your summer tan. What’s even better is that each piece is designed to be quick-drying and made from smooth recycled polyester. They are durable, yet comfortable and light-weight, which makes them the perfect outfit for the beach or the pool. These shorts will keep you looking – and feeling – comfortable all day long!

Panareha – PIPA RPET Beach Shorts

In a different color but same relaxed look are the Pipa beach shorts, with a more creative print and blue robe that stands out. Combine them with a black oversized tee and upgrade your style from classical to contemporary in no time!

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