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Staiy X Zamt Store: The ultimate sustainability shopping destination in Berlin!

Words By Jen McDonald


The reality of the fashion world!

Open your eyes and look at the world around you. What do you see? Have a look at the fashion world first, it’s thriving; everywhere you turn, you see fast fashion brands. Let’s face it, we all get dressed everyday so fashion is a huge part of our lives. But don’t be fooled by their cheap price tags and eye-catching advertisement campaigns. When you take a closer look you notice the real damage. It might be hard to believe but the fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. It really is mind blowing but the world is filled with dead stock, bad working conditions, and other fast fashion disasters on our home planet and its inhabitants.

So how do we fix this problem? The answer is simple; go sustainable. When you buy something, just take a minute to reflect. Do you need this garment? Think about who made your clothes and check to see if the brand is sustainable. Sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and it certainly is here at Staiy.

Sustainability is so important!

To Staiy’s founders —Adrian Leue, Alessandro Nora, Ludovico Durante, and Chiara Latini, sustainability is everything they believe in. For this reason, the foursome launched Staiy in January 2019.Dedicated to running a sustainable marketplace, they are part of making a change and building a better future for the planet. Raising the standards of the fashion industry is exactly what Staiy is all about. 

Staiy was lucky enough to partner up with Zamt to create our Staiy X Zamt Store in Berlin, which opened its doors just before lockdown on the 5 December 2020. If you haven’t already visited our concept store yet, then you need to check it out. Take a stroll through the trendy district of Mitte, the heart of the city, and you will come across our hub. The store only sells products from brands that are sustainable

In our Staiy x ZAMT concept store, we have a selection of sustainable fashion and cosmetics labels. Discover some of our amazing brands:


This is a sustainable activewear brand, fairly produced in Europe. Evervital produces super stylish, comfortable, and high-performance athleisure apparel made with ethically sourced innovative materials. The label aims to empower modern women, encouraging them to be holistically centered and internally nourished. You won’t be disappointed!


Do you want a bag that is chic and will last a lifetime? Then check out Zamt’s selection of handcrafted backpacks, bags, and accessories. The brand uses only the best leather obtained from a Tuscan family-run tannery. They have mastered the artisanal process using organic tannins for natural, eco-friendly leather. Designed in Berlin, its pieces radiate boldness by emphasizing strong lines and sleek minimalism in its timeless designs.

Chitè Lingerie

Are you looking to spice up your lingerie game? Then look no further than Chitè Lingerie.

This eco-friendly brand is chic, sexy, and ethical. Their mission is to make women feel a million dollars. All items are luxurious and handcrafted in Italy by expert Italian artisans. As a slow fashion brand, Chitè Lingerie manufactures its products in an eco-friendly way, leaving a softer impact on the world. 


This German brand produces menswear, womenswear, and accessories. Their collections combine a touch of Hamburg’s ruggedness with the tough atmosphere of the docklands, instantly transporting you to the coast. With ecological responsibility as its main priority, Hafendieb creates clothes using the finest and most sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled PET, wool, and Tencel ®. Additionally, the brand attaches great importance to the fact that all of its items are fairly traded to deliver honest clothes.

Pat Guzik

This Polish designer has got it all going on. Pat Guzik’s designs are bold and striking. Inspired by high fashion, Slavic, and Asian cultures, she founded a unique streetwear brand. In collaboration with Polish illustrator Mateusz Kołek, she creates a labyrinth of symbols that form the prints, patterns, and embroidery throughout her collection. This streetwear brand will certainly get you noticed!


Panakeea skin care is the real deal. A brand that is honest and transparent in everything they do! Panakeea is an organic cosmetic brand certified by PETA and made in Germany. All their products are also dermatologically tested, sustainable, and cruelty-free. If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, you will find that some of their products are also vegan. They are passionate and promise consumers ‘the highest organic quality and the highest organic content in every product’. 

You can visit our Staiy x ZAMT Berlin concept store for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience at Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin. Support sustainable brands and help save the planet!

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