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Every single piece is made to order, handcrafted from waste metal by local goldsmiths. Manuba, a love story born in Italy.

Words By Patrick Carrini


The Love Story

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you know how the city can amaze you in a second. It’s a place like no other in the world where years of history and tradition influence your imagination and creativity. From a passion for precious materials and a deeply emotional moment, Manuba was born. The founder of this Italian brand decided to create accessories that are unique, ethical, and exclusive. The idea of slow fashion and respect for ancient cire perdue technique are what drive her and make Manuba’s products exceptional. You won’t find two identical pieces as each one of them is handcrafted by local goldsmiths, therefore small imperfections and variations are a guarantee of unexampled produce. 

A silhouette that whispers to your ear

Manuba’s accessories remind me a bit of ancient Rome. I can picture a woman wearing a ‘shadows of love’ bracelet on her arm, wandering around an old palazzo, centuries ago. You can see the love they were crafted with and the passion for the ancient technique that gives them this little touch unseen nowadays in any jewelry. 

All the pieces are available in gold or silver and are made to order. They minimize the use of chemicals, energy, and water in order to make sure there’s as little impact on the planet as possible. Avoiding big batch production creates less waste and promotes conscious shopping. Manuba’s mission is thus to change the habits of buying and to support sustainability. Every order is wrapped in reforesting packaging, which means that more trees have been planted compared to the ones used for its realization.

We at Staiy believe that brands like Manuba make a real difference and that’s why we would love to share this story with you and inspire you to make an impact too. Whether for yourself, a friend, or anyone you love, this would be a perfect gift that will last and carry a story that can be whispered along.

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