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Maren Jewellery

Maren Jewellery

Founder Helge Maren Hauptmann describes how each Maren Jewellery piece tells a story about love, passion and nature.

Words By Chiara Zuccarello


“Beautiful, sustainable and lovingly designed luxury jewellery in harmony with nature”. These are the adjectives the founder of Maren Jewellery, Helge Maren Hauptmann, proudly uses to describe her own brand. Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Maren Jewellery’s story is about love for people and nature, timelessness, minimalism, and a deep passion for craftsmanship and sustainability. 

Maren Jewellery

Helge has always been fascinated by jewellery and the aura it gives people. This week we celebrate Staiy’s newest partnering brand by sharing with our community an exclusive interview with the talented German founder. 

STAIY EDIT: How did your personal background lead to the creation of your own brand?

HELGE MAREN HAUPTMANN: I remember as a little girl admiring all the women who adorned themselves with rings or expressive necklaces. This charisma, the self-confidence that emanated from them… that had an almost magical fascination for me. At some point I started making my own jewellery and it was all decided for me. I then did some internships in goldsmiths and finally studied jewellery design in Pforzheim. After that, I was employed for ten years by some exciting and big jewellery companies, last as Head of Design. Maren Jewellery is my way of finally following my heart. 

For many years I have been privately involved with vegan lifestyle, sustainability but also luxury jewellery and I have always wondered how to combine it all. Until I just started doing it. Maren, that’s me. It seemed only right to use my name, as this project combines so much of me, my interests and passions”.

STAIY EDIT: What do you think are the main missions and values of Maren Jewellery?

HELGE MAREN HAUPTMANN: With Maren Jewellery I design luxury jewellery in the awareness that everyone depends on a healthy environment. I want to show that making sustainable jewellery is possible and inspire us to work together on a sustainable, conscious consumer behaviour. I believe that everyone is able to make a positive contribution.

Every piece of the collection is made using 18 carat recycled gold, recycled 925 sterling silver, and set with lab grown diamonds. The packaging is also made of 100% recyclable paper, printed and embossed in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, we try to handcraft our jewellery, focusing on timeless design with clear lines, so that all pieces can accompany their wearers for a lifetime.

“We try to handcraft our jewellery, focusing on timeless design with clear lines, so that all pieces can accompany their wearers for a lifetime”

Helge Maren Hauptmann

STAIY EDIT: Is there a common thread in the design of your jewellery pieces?

HELGE MAREN HAUPTMANN: I once heard that a good artist can only tell what she knows. I am inspired above all by nature. How magically the flower buds open every spring, as if they were giving birth to a new world, a new life. How the clouds stand over the field in winter, the branches of the trees against the sky. But I am also inspired by old jewellery: My ReMind collection is inspired by a piece of jewellery that I inherited from my grandma. It means a lot to me. 

STAIY EDIT: What future plans do you have in store for your brand? 

HELGE MAREN HAUPTMANN: For Maren Jewellery, the long-term goal is definitely the circular economy. We have already taken some big steps in this direction, for example, using recycled precious metals and plastic-free packaging. Of course, we are still working on it, so that in the future we won’t need any new materials at all and we’ll be able to only rely on recycled resources. 

I’m currently working on our sustainable impact report. That’s something very close to my heart. We have worked very hard to ensure that Maren Jewellery is a holistic sustainable company and now I’m putting together the numbers to prove it. This way, my customers can be sure we are keeping our word; that’s something I’m very proud of. 

STAIY EDIT: Can you tell our readers what it is you would change about the fashion industry today? 

HELGE MAREN HAUPTMANN: I think sustainable fashion has to completely reinvent itself to a certain extent. Parameters that apply to fast fashion simply can no longer be applied to sustainable fashion. We have to rethink it all: what can suit us humans as well as the Earth? How can we design in a way that won’t be out of fashion tomorrow? Which materials should be used and which should perhaps be left out? And what role should the people who manufacture this fashion play? 

These are not entirely new questions but I think they are worth thinking about more. The future concerns us all and I would like to see a beautiful future, not just when it comes to jewellery. 

Maren Jewellery

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