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Mira Lou, an incredibly talented, digital artist has recently merged her minimal line designs with Wild Fawn’s handmade jewellery, resulting in a beautiful, harmonious capsule collection. Today, Staiy exposes her reflection on the project.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


Face design by @miraalou

Minimalism x


Many of us wonder what inspired Mira Lou to choose Wild Fawn as a brand to collaborate with. As she has always seen her art in a digital form, she thought about seeing it in a more tangible, real form. The idea of collaborating with a jewellery brand has been on her mind as she could easily imagine her minimalistic style fitting small, intimate pieces. On top of that, she has important sustainability standards which narrowed her search down to “ethical and eco-friendly” businesses.

Luckily, she found this amazing, London based jewellery brand whose supply chain practices align with her mindful values. Wild Fawn pieces are handmade, on demand, produced using recycled silver and gold and delivered in plastic-free packaging. If that wasn’t enough, they share similar taste in aesthetics as Mira Lou, as their pieces combine both minimalism and sustainability.

As such a collaboration was very new to everyone, patience, cooperation and communication were required to bring the project into life, which they succeeded to do perfectly. Mira Lou insists, “With a fast fashion and mass producing brand all that wouldn’t have been possible as we didn’t focus entirely on the commercial side of the project, but rather on what we wanted to create from our hearts.” The process was a bit tricky though, as to respect the concept of handcrafting while still being able to reproduce Mira Lou’s very meticulous designs on the jewellery pieces. However, with the help of a skilled technician, they got 3D printed wax, which served to mold and create the jewellery pieces.

It is then no surprise that this brand collaboration is intrinsically centered around connection; firstly in regards to the connection between the artist and the brand, which resulted in a powerful artistic fusion, and secondly in regards to what people needed in the context of covid 19, as most of them experienced deep isolation and distanciation. For these reasons, the project consists of “a sustainable and ethical capsule collection around the physical body and our senses”. By merging talents to create a new form of art, they hope people can see the emotional dimension and the authenticity enlightened in each piece. Even so their symbols are open to interpretation, Mira Lou has shared with Staiy the intended meaning behind each piece.

For example, “the open eye symbolises a state of mindfulness”, a “reminder to stay conscious and aware of yourself and the environment”. The hands evoke the willingness to connect and to care for others, “a feeling of support and understanding, closeness and intimacy”. The face design embraces an open mind and readiness for new experiences, while the split face (a whole face separated in two halves) is meant to be for two people, each wearing a half, thus inspiriting a bond between them, strengthening a relationship, as if they were wholesome together, completing each other. Last but not least, the lips portray an “intimate, physical relationship”, embodying a passionate kiss, shaped like horizontal hearts, melting and colluding together.

Hands Hook Earrings

Hands Hook Earrings

Connection, Self-Love, Mindfulness

As presented, each design highlights a different meaning, but their common thread remains the concept of human connection through the fundamental senses.

In fact, Mira Lou’s minimalist style amplifies the oneness between different lines and different people, also referring to the synergy between the artist and the brand in this collaboration.

Indeed, none of this would have been remotely possible if it wasn’t for their exceptional teamwork, joint creativity, love for their work, mutual support and reciprocated inspiration.

The connection theme of this project is multidimensional, as it nurtures connection between beings as well as connection within ourselves:“self-love and mindfulness” are intensely present in Mira Lou’s life and catalysts of her personal growth, which she aims to transmit and inspire to the ones who end up wearing the jewellery pieces.

It is therefore predictable that when asked about 3 words that describe the vibe and spirit of the collection, the artist replied “Connection, Self-love, Mindfulness”.

See You Necklace

True Values 

Astonishingly, Mira Lou admits that she used to see jewellery as not self expressive enough, as it seemed too abstract. Such a collaboration consisted of a true challenge for her to create a capsule collection that is “visual, expressive and symbolic” enough. The aim was to communicate with people through a new type of “self expression and art”, a mix of senses and emotions that they could relate to. The spiritual dimension of the pieces are particularly important for the artist. For example, she recalls wearing the Eye Necklace in Gold as a sign of patience, mindfulness and awareness.

In regards to the growth of sustainable fashion, Mira Lou acknowledges the dishonesty implied by many brands, pretending to go green when the reason behind it is purely for marketing purposes. However, she hopes that the question of traceability of the products we wear will become more prominent among society, especially jewellery since it is almost purely related to self expression, aesthetics, beauty, emotional and symbolic value. She distinguishes, “the story behind each piece, the materials, who created it and the impact on our planet should not be a side effect, but a main focus point.” The implementation of such a mantra in this collaboration was, as the split face design, two sided: from Mira Lou’s side, sustainability was met through the one line style and minimalist designs, embracing mindfulness and awareness of ourselves and the environment, a gentle reminder to care for our planet. From Wild Fawn’s side, sustainability principles were more related to production practices, relying on the expertise of handcrafting, the use of recycled materials, conscious shipping and plastic free packaging.

As this brand collaboration went so well, Staiy truly hopes to witness a second one between the artist and the jewellery brand soon!