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Promoting ethics and sustainability, Shio label just landed on Staiy to allow you to pick the best outfits inspired by the beauty and diversity of mother nature.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

February, 5th 2021

Founded by designer Kate Pinkstone, Shio is a sustainable fashion label, store and studio in Neukölln, Berlin. Literally at the core of the word “fashion”, Shio is a metaphor which embodies the ultimate aim of the brand as for those people who do not want to work in the industry, but who are oriented to a purer, closer vision of fashion. Pinkstone is in fact concerned with the current industry challenges, such as pollution and fair wages, therefore she decided to promote an ethical supply chain by developing her own in-store studio in the heart of Berlin.

The benefit of having an in-store studio allows Pinkstone to tailor and customize each piece for every specific customer, while being able to control over the production process and reduce the number of items produced, as well as textile and wastes. Shio is inspired by mother nature; the colour palette resembles earthy tones, deep blues and grass greens create mature shades. Every garment is a memory from Pinkstone’s travels all over the world, from Moroccan clays and Sahara’s sand, to olive trees in the Greek islands and crystal blue water in Croatia.


With their classic and timeless silhouettes, Shio’s pieces are practical and comfortable for city living and everyday life. The continuity of the collections allow for a perfect mix and match all year around, and can be layered to accomplish the right cozyness according to the season thanks to the clean lines and materials used. The brand, in fact, uses natural materials carefully sourced from all over Europe as eco linen, organic cotton and upcycled cotton.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary as a successful label acknowledged by conscious consumers on the market, Shio is promoting slow fashion and sustainability by avoiding mere trends and supporting slow fashion by creating wardrobe staples. That is the explanation behind the repetition of statement pieces over the collections. According to Pinkstone, to help consumers improve their shopping habits by buying less clothing, but when they do, choose ethical and organic labels.


Whenever a garment is damaged, Shio offers a free-repair service to allow customers to actually make a long-lasting investment.

The future for Shio is to spread and share their vision with other companies, creating high quality garments that last and minimize waste and environmental impact at the same time. 

On, you can now shop Shio’s pieces and share your own vision of them.