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Every piece is designed to withstand time and trend, and each collection is continuously upgraded by the ocean’s reclaimed treasures. With love, from a small island in the Azores.


Words By Sohila Ahmed


Story Of Joy

On an island in the middle of nowhere, where time stops, where nature’s beauty engulfs all senses and where the ocean speaks, the Gendler’s family of four is exploring a slow-living lifestyle bonded by the love they have for each other and the ocean. The name “Neon Joyride” comes from their own authentic experience. Neon is for the embodiment of a youthful existence of light, soul, and energy, and Joyride reflects the joy of the journey, good vibrations, and higher frequencies. A reminder to not take life too seriously.

Neon Joyride founders Catherine and Tomers Gendler have spent their lives travelling and chasing new experiences. After having children of their own, they decided to go back to the lifestyle of the small coastal towns where they grew up. They wanted to slow down their fast paced life and teach their children to appreciate the beauty of nature and the ocean, often taken for granted.

Launched in 2019 and based in Santa Maria in the Azores, Neon Joyride is an independent jewelry line, a concept shop, a family affair and an ocean clean-up project. The brand gets its inspiration from the saltwater heaven and the desire to make the world a better place. Neither Catherine nor Tomers has had professional training in jewelry design; however, they feel that this lack of training gives them the freedom to experiment, explore new ideas and evolve with their brand.

Neon Joyride’s jewelry is made from reclaimed ocean plastics with 24k gold and ethically mined or recycled sterling silver. Each piece either comprises a unique cast from reclaimed ocean plastic or integrates a reclaimed ocean plastic stone. The brand’s limited editions, or one of a kind and original creations, owe to the raw pieces provided by the underwater world, as the brand does not try to alter the shapes of the precious items collected.

Broken Circle Drop Earrings

Collecting the ocean’s reclaimed treasures

A Sense of Lightness

Neon Joyride’s jewelry is characterised by its lightness and elegant simplicity. All pieces are created with a seasonless approach in mind and designed to withstand time and trend. Moreover, each collection is continuously upgraded by the ocean’s reclaimed treasures. Working with their children, the Gendlers are influenced by the whimsical adventures of sea legends and the stories behind each gem they collect, which they always try to incorporate in their designs. 

Catherine and Tomers’ values have always been to simplify their lives through a minimalist lifestyle, to inspire each other, create beauty and, most of all, teach their children that it is possible to do what you love while making the world a better place. The couple incorporated their values in Neon Joyride and are constantly trying to improve and make more sustainable decisions.

Rai Amulet Necklace

In fact, Neon Joyride is continuously raising awareness about the dangers of plastic on our environment and our oceans through social media and by organising beach clean-ups, encouraging local families to keep the ocean and coastlines waste-free. The Gendler family believes in nurturing ethical and sustainable practices by buying only what they truly need and love and making it last, and by working with local artisans when possible.

The brand is committed to fair working conditions and lets the artisans choose their own prices based on what they deem fair. At Neon Joyride, they make sure every piece is recyclable, traceable and from certified recycled and ethically mined silver. The brand works hard to ensure nothing goes to waste, it recycles metal scraps and even previously made jewelry samples. It also uses minimal, recycled and reusable packaging, some even made of locally upcycled clothing, and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton gift bags.

what feels right 

At the end, Neon Joyride’s success comes from the idea of creating and designing based on the Gendlers’ own inspirations without thinking about competition or trends…they are simply doing what feels right to them and what brings them peace. One advice Neon Joyride would give to young people aspiring to do the same is to overcome any fear of failure. The Gendlers believe that regardless of one’s background or training, one should be brave in the face of fears, take the leap, and learn from mistakes.

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