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Staiy has just signed a strategic partnership agreement with the human resources platform Avomind. The idea is to boost the fashion job market and create opportunities beneficial for both the company and fresh graduates from around the world. We bring you all the details.

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza


Founded by four Italian entrepreneurs just out of college, Staiy has been nurtured from the beginning by dynamic and passionate professional profiles, providing many fresh graduates with learning and growth opportunities in a fast-paced environment. This matches our brand’s mission to facilitate the change towards a more sustainable future by raising awareness among the new generations, which have the possibility of building a more just and equitable world, together with an increasingly environmentally-conscious society.

To this day, Staiy continues to establish strategic alliances with other companies with aligned values ​​and who share our enthusiasm for turning to young talent and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Working together with the human resources platform Avomind fits within this vision and demonstrates Staiy’s interest in fostering employment in the fashion and sustainability startup sector, as well as providing students from all around the world with opportunities to develop successful professional careers in Berlin, one of the largest startup hubs in Europe.

Avomind is a platform whose mission is to connect graduates and senior alumni from leading academic institutions with fast-growing firms, putting in touch high-caliber candidates with impactful opportunities. With a global network built up of partnerships with 200+ leading academic institutions, 45+ competitive student clubs and 35+ senior alumni programs, it represents a great opportunity for many students looking for their first professional experience in a leading fashion-tech startup such as Staiy. 

Avomind’s core belief is that high achievers want to be surrounded by talented people and do the most challenging tasks at the best companies. This way, it’ll facilitate Staiy’s recruiting process of fresh graduates from leading Universities for any new open roles. Besides, once the interns finish their experience within Staiy, and in case they don’t continue in the company in a different position, they will still be able to use Avomind’s global network to find any suitable openings. 

This alliance has been possible thanks to the intermediation of Daria Müller Velasquez, Growth & Partnerships Manager at Avomind and Editorial Production Manager of this magazine since April 2021. She had already worked as Project Manager at Staiy in the past, being the person behind our joint project with HSE University Moscow carried out last winter.

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