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Courtesy of Opera Campi

Joining our Staiy community with the finest and most innovative hemp garments on the market is Italian label, Opera Campi. They create fresh products made by only the finest laboratories in Italian craftsmanship.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

November, 30th 2020

Italian born and bred fashion label Opera Campi is specializing in the development of its own eco-friendly fabrics. The star of the show? Hemp fibre, a powerful material from the Cannabis sativa plant. Through rigorous research and experimentation, the brand blends this fiber with innovative technologies to create the most powerful natural fabrics. Founded in 2017, the goal of the company is to become a leading brand in the production of the best hemp fabrics and apparel. Their main invention, Herotex, is a fabric composed of 92% hemp and 8% polyester with record performance and sustainability. The company carefully follows the industry’s design guidelines to maximize the functionality of their garments with these fabrics.

Courtesy of Opera Campi

Courtesy of Opera Campi

The brand’s name has intriguing origins. On its own, “opera” means “masterpiece” whilst “opera lirica” is the name given to music from Parma, a Romanesque city in Northern Italy. “Campi” translates to lands, or landscapes. Seeking a harmonious combination of these two words, the name first chosen was “Opera dei Campi” to describe how land, or nature, can be a source of inspiration for everything. Wanting more simplicity, “dei” was removed to create Opera Campi, reflecting the brand’s ability to create masterpieces from Italy’s natural resources. 

Unlike many brands rooted in creative industries, Opera Campi was not inspired by muses or other brands. On the contrary, they forged their own identity with a main goal of creating something different from what already exists in the sustainability market. “We create our own hemp fabric sourced from the most premium Cannabis sativa plants in Europe. Developing it takes a lot of dedicated, continuous research,” says Alberto Ziveri, the founder of the Italian brand.

At Opera Campi, they love to design garments with fabrics that were created for different purposes. Whilst they experiment with new natural sources, the brand endeavors to use recycled or regenerated fibers for its garments. This reduces water consumption and eliminates the presence of chemicals and pesticides in their fabrics. It also adopts a “cradle to cradle” approach to designing its clothes, where human design systems aim to mimic processes found in nature with the goal of safeguarding natural ecosystems.

Courtesy of Opera Campi

“Our vision consists of promoting forgotten materials and fabrics, to transform nature into something innovative and performant”

Ziveri believes the fashion industry is the perfect field to merge tradition with technology. As a researcher and innovator, Ziveri is involved in all aspects of the brand, from product and web design to the development of fabrics and technology to estimate sizes of consumers. “Our vision consists of promoting forgotten material and fabrics, to transform nature into something innovative and performant,” shares the brand’s founder. Opera Campi is unique in the sense that everything it produces is vertically integrated from field to final product. “Our values consist of making sustainable products that encompass all that the term ‘sustainability’ means,” Zivera continues. “Sustainability doesn’t have to mean eliminating plastics completely. If used correctly, they can be merged with natural resources in order to make something more durable and, sometimes, even less polluting.”

Courtesy of Opera Campi

Tradition, disruption and differentiation – these are the three words the brand chooses to describe themselves. “Tradition” because they value old methods but approach them in a modern way; “disruption” to describe a movement and innovations that are positively changing the fashion industry; and “differentiation”, as the brand is devoted to crafting products one cannot yet find on the market. “Where can you find Herotex? Where would you find the highest percentage of hemp in a garment? Where would you find made-to-measure hemp jackets? These are questions with only one answer: Opera Campi,” says Zivera. 

In the future, Opera Campi aims to expand beyond the digital market, developing pop-up stores across Europe. They plan to create new limited edition products to increase their exclusivity and to create a larger network of loyal customers.