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Haven’t you heard? A new brand joined the Staiy platform and is already standing out with its awe-inspiring collection. Check ORGANICATION’s unique pieces for a high-quality, comfortable and innovative style.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


As its name entails, ORGANICATION stands for a strong commitment to protect the environment using organic, high quality materials. As you go through their mind blowing collection, you will probably notice the immeasurable expertise and innovation behind each garment. As a matter of fact, the brand features original and colorful pieces as well as basics, but in any case, you can be certain that they all meet the highest possible standards of quality and sustainability. Indeed, ORGANICATION makes no compromises when it comes to their environmental and social engagement. All their products are naturally free of chemical additives, as the brand relies solely on renewable raw materials, such as GOTS certified organic cotton, linen and tencel. 

On top of using natural resources, they ensure a mindful production chain that respects and honors nature and people involved at every step: they state, “our production chain fulfills all sustainability aspects. It is a matter of the heart for us that it has a positive impact on the lives of all people involved”. Unsurprisingly, they fully support the fashion revolution and joined the movement #whomademyclothes on instagram, as a way to raise awareness about fashion workers’ conditions and honor their considerable work. More than just a label, ORGANICATION defines itself as a philosophy and a lifestyle, and hopes to inspire the world to live and shop mindfully. On top of being made under ethical conditions, their products are designed with the idea of merging style, quality and comfort, so, do not worry, it is unquestionably possible to look great and still protect the environment!

For you to get a clearer idea about the essence of the brand, take a glance at their colorful collection on For example, this lemonade shirt for men will make heads turn and as you walk down the streets, emitting a radiant, warm and agreeable energy. Made of 55% linen and 45% organic cotton, this summer shirt will definitely 

get you a date for the night with its perfect fit and its harmonious, sweet lemonade color.

Additionally, check out their gorgeous ocean jumpsuit for women. You guessed it, this stunning piece is made of 100% organic tencel and is presented with a beautiful V-neck shape at the front, guaranteeing comfort and style in one fabric. The ocean-blue color of the garment will give you a fresh look, perfect for summer days and even sunny springtime!

If you would like to feel flashy without actually flashing someone, look no further than ORGANICATION’s Spaghetti Strap dress, or as they call it, Spaghettiträger-Kleid aus Tencel mit Bio-Baumwolle. Indeed, this exceptional garment is made of 65% organic tencel and 35% organic cotton. It probably has the ability to make you stand out in a crowd of a thousand people or more, thanks to its extremely bright red color and its long, loose fit. Who knew that a simple dress could provide you comfort and the spotlight at the same time?

ORGANICATION also offers a wide selection of high-quality basics which your wardrobe will thank us for, as well as accessories, such as scarfs and beanies. 

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Jumpsuit aus Leinen mit Bio-Baumwolle