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Words By Natsumi Amano

On the 29th of October, Staiy is going to hold its very first webinar covering three main topics: Sustainability, Fashion, and Innovation, inviting a total of 16 leading brands and personalities from the textile and retail industry, the consulting field, to mission-driven community organizations to share their hands-on experience and insights. With the purpose of discussing future challenges and opportunities surrounding themes relevant to our modern times, our webinar will be a place for us to explore shared visions and raise an awareness pivotal in creating a sustainable future for all.

We will begin the panel discussion with the Sustainability session, which mostly concerns how the private sector, not-for-profit, and other stakeholders can collaborate towards sustainable development. This will be followed by the Fashion session where we will delve deep into the unique roles the fashion industry plays in our society’s transition to a circular economy and the strategic aspect of communicating this effort as a brand and an advocate. Rounding off the discussion will be the Innovation session, where we will discuss the various ways in which industry innovations benefit both social and ecological sustainability. The event is going to be an incredible two hours of enlightenment, open communication and inspiration fuelling you as an individual to take action.

In this article, we introduce our spectacularguest speakers and their backgrounds. Are you interested in taking part as an audience? Read to the end to find out further details.

Sustainability Session

From 15h10 to 15h45

  • Guillem Bargalló Torrent, El Bien Social (Main topic: “Platforms for Impact”) El Bien Social is a consultancy and workshop for the creation and development of projects, businesses and NGOs. Using an online platform, they also specialise in the promotion of sustainable projects, companies, ideas, and lifestyles for a better world. The founder, Guillem, will talk about using such platforms as a hub for sharing knowledge and wisdom to create a greater impact.
  • Nicholas Kaspareck, Casa Congo, (Main topic: “Empowerment of Communities and Preservation for a Sustainable Development”) Casa Congo is an NGO based in Nicaragua which focuses on regenerative ecology and empowerment of communities by sharing resources and building capacity in marginalized groups. Nicholas, the Managing Director of Casa Congo, will speak about the importance of supporting local communities for sustainable development. 
  • Giordano Margalio, Ostia Clean-Up, (Main topic: “The Role of Community Activism in the Transition to Sustainable Future”) Ostia Clean-Up is a hub for young, creative environmentalists in Ostia who share a deep respect for the land and sea. Working together, they address various environmental problems, notably plastic pollution and climate change, delivering lasting, impactful solutions. The co-founder, Giordano currently works for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Istanbul as a disaster management specialist and will share with us how being involved in community-based activism is crucial in fighting against global issues. 
  • Susan Aubrey-Cound, Aubrey cound, (Main topic: “Impact of the Covid-19 on Sustainability & Transparency”) Susan is an impact strategist, pioneering new technologies and bold ideas to improve retail performance and sustainability for UK grocers and fashion brands, from a sustainability strategy and communications standpoint. She will expand on how the pandemic has highlighted the urgent need of transitioning to a more transparent business operation.
  • Pauline Op De Beeck, Carbon Trust, (Main topic: “Sustainability Evaluation and Strategic Action Plan”) Carbon Trust is an expert partner for businesses, governments and organizations around the world, supporting them in realizing their plans to encourage both environmental sustainability and economic prosperity simultaneously. The EU Business Development Manager, Pauline, will detail carbon footprinting in the company’s whole value chain and how society can take a step towards carbon-neutral world.
  • Nafsika Antypas, Nafsika Inc, (Main topic: “The Growth & Ways to Promote a Plant-Based Food Market”) Nafsika Inc. is a company offering vegan dairy alternatives with the planet and people’swell-being at heart. The founder, Nafsika, will discuss the rising popularity of plant-based diets, effective ways of promoting a vegan diet, and the societal and environmental benefits of incorporating a plant-based lifestyle.

Fashion Session

From 15h45 to 16h20

  • Francesco Minghini, Armadio Verde, (Main topic: “Fashion and Circular Economy”) Armadio Verde is the No.1 fashion re-commerce startup in Italy, embracing the value of the circular economy. The company strive to be the go-to community-based service platform for the exchange of high-street fashion in Europe. Francesco is the Head of Marketing and Sales in Europe and will draw us into the world of circular fashion and how it will shape the future of the apparel industry.
  • Olga Mitterfellner, A lecturer & author,  (Main topic: “The Opportunities & Challenges of Fashion Industry in the 21st Century”) Olga is the author of “Fashion Marketing and Communication“. She offers consultations to higher education institutions and to industries on luxury, marketing trends, branding, diversity, ethics, and sustainability. Additionally, she holds the position as lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion. In our webinar, she will address the issues and chances present in the fashion industry within the realm of social and climate justices.
  • Olivia Sprinkel, A Sustainability Consultant, (Main topic: Sustainability Strategy and Communication in Fashion Industry) Olivia is a highly experienced advisor who has worked with leading fashion companies, including H&M, L’Oreal, Elior Group, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and P&G, for sustainability strategy and communication. She has particular expertise in the apparel sector and has spoken at numerous conferences, including at Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Her knowledge of how storytelling and creativity can engage employees and citizens in the transition to a more sustainable world will be shared in the webinar.
  • Aroa Fernandez Alvarez, Trace Collective (Main topic: “Regenerative Fashion – Fashion as a Tool to Reverse Climate Change“) Aroa is the co-founder of Trace Collective & Trace Planet, an activist fashion brand and community organization with a mission to make the fashion industry a driver of environmental regeneration, and to help communities reconnect with the products that they buy. She will speak to us about the brand’s commitment to radical transparency, selection of regenerative materials, and what it means to be a brand that is designed to adhere to circularity.

Innovation Session

From 16h20 to 16h55

  • Kevin Dunckley, HH Global, (Main topic: “Marketing & Innovative Solutions”) Kevin is a specialist in sustainable innovation and helping brands become more socially and environmentally responsible. He currently serves as Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer at HH Global. The company is the marketing execution partner of the world’s most impactful brands, applying industry-leading technologies to develop innovative solutions whilst cost-saving, improving product quality and augmenting sustainability to prove a success in today’s market. With our panel,, we will explore various solution-based strategies led by new innovations with him. 
  • Junell Watson, Green Wallet, (Main topic: “Conscious Spending”) Green Wallet is a platform connecting consumers with sustainable businesses who are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Green Wallet believes in the power of technology to set things right in the world with our current, unsustainable production and consumption pattern by offering an e-commerce platform to allow customers to buy clean, green and fair products. Junell is the Business Development & Merchant Support from Green Wallet who is ready to tell us how the company is making “Vote with your wallet” easier for consumers. 
  • Hannah Phang, Futerra, (Main topic: “Driving Impacts Through Creative Thinking”) Hannah is the Marketing & Advocacy Manager at Futerra, an agency that consults brands’ logical sustainability as well as taking care of creative communication strategies. Futerra works with purpose-driven businesses and personalities who believe they can turn the sustainability imperative into the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity. In the discussion, she will shed light on how employing the power of creative thinking can skyrocket a businesses’ progress towards a positive social and environmental impact. 
  • Alice McAnulty, Lone Design Club, (Main topic: “The Future of Phygital Customer Experiences”) Lone Design Club is a marketplace that connects consumers to ethical, independent fashion and lifestyle brands, empowering the world to discover transparent and unique products. Lone Design Club is cutting through the noise of a saturated fast-fashion market and shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings using Phygital shopping technology. The company’s COO, Alice, will further discuss some exciting emerging innovations with regards to customer experiences. 
  • Amrita Maria, Obsess, (Main topic: “The Future of Shopping – AI Virtual Shops”) Obsess is an Augmented & Virtual Reality shopping platform for experiential E-commerce with a mission of turning online shopping into an immersive experience. They enable brands and retailers to create virtual stores and mobile shopping experiences by utilising Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).Their Global Business Development Manager, Amrita, will shed light on how consumer shopping experiences could become drastically different in the near future. 
  • Usman Javid, Ricult Inc, (Main topic: “Agtech – Digital Solutions for Social and Ecological Sustainability”) Ricult Inc. is a social enterprise that develops digital solutions for the agricultural ecosystem, focusing on smallholder farmers in so-called developing countries. The company’s vision is to provide digital and financial solutions for farmers, helping them escape poverty by democratizing lending for the farmers and by equipping them with agricultural technology such as weather analytics and forecasting. The Founder & CEO, Usman, will elaborate on how technologies can enhance agricultural productivity as well as social equality in countries with developing economies.

There is no other place you will find these brilliant speakers all gathered in one place, creating a synergy that allows us to challenge the norm and inspire streams of new ideas. Are you interested in taking part as an audience? The eventis free and does not require you tosign up. All you have to do is tag along with your friends and colleagues who may be curious about these topics and join us at our Youtube, LinkedIn or Facebook page on the 29th (Thu) of Oct at 15pm CET sharp. We hope you are as excited as we are!