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Pat Guzik Campaign

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary maze of colors and patterns, experience the power of storytelling, and learn about sustainability wearing PAT GUZIK’s garments.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


Pat Guzik

Pat Guzik

Based in Krakow, PAT GUZIK is a streetwear and high fashion sustainable brand.
Its immensely talented founder, Patrycja Guzik, is an entrepreneurial designer whose diploma collection “Over the rainbow” captivated the attention of many, particularly the Escuela de Diseno y Alta Costura in Valencia, who awarded her a six-month scholarship.
As she traveled the world, she participated in many competitions and workshops, and won various awards such as The Redress Design Award in Hong Kong or the Eluxe Award in LA, both in 2017.
She also presented her collection in a series of major Fashion Week events, collaborated for making inspiring projects, such as the Pat Guzik x Unsound Festival, and participated in exhibitions, such as “What The Eye Doesn’t See, The Heart Doesn’t Grieve”.

All these experiences have inspired Patrycja to shape her personality and work as a designer, which automatically reflects on her brand. Based in Krakow, PAT GUZIK is a streetwear and high fashion sustainable brand. As Patrycja’s partner Mateusz Kolek is a high skilled illustrator, the couple combines their passions and transmit their work through color palettes, prints and patterns to create a visual story for the brand: Mateusz “creates a labyrinth of symbols that leads the customer through my storytelling”, shares Patrycja.

Design Power

The designer is extremely concerned about sustainability as she always wanted her work to portray more than just clothes. It was when she participated in the Redress Design award competition and had the opportunity to share and exchange sustainable ideas, that she truly understood the extent of her power as a designer to shape a better future for the fashion industry. She gained this perception at the competition, during a workshop in Tal Apparel Factory in Dongguan. As it made her become more aware of production means in fashion and the amount of energy and waste they generate, she realized that it is of her power and duty as a designer to always choose waste reducing and mindful practices in her production.

Local Production

Therefore, she carries sustainable practices in her current projects: Her Streetwear line is produced locally to support independent small businesses, using “unique patterns that allow efficient use of materials and the reduction and elimination of textile waste”. Her RELOVE line presents second-hand clothing, using “an alternative sourcing of the textiles”, such as unwanted garments, stocks textiles, and production leftovers. Furthermore, she uses recycled packaging and recycled printing paper through an ecological printing house, which is FSC Recycled and ECOLABEL certified. In harmony with her ethical practices, her collections are based on ethical values: “responsibility, local production, cooperation, and transparency”.

She also applies her power and duty as a citizen to always choose the most ecological, least wasteful options when it comes to household products and practices: buying less, supporting the local economy and recycling are just a few examples. As a matter of fact, Patrycja reveals that her sustainable habits are also strongly linked to her polish roots and heritage: In the polish culture, as she mentions, years of war and communism have led people to rapidly learn to make something out of nothing, recycle and innovate all the time. It has also taught her about the value of people’s work, the esteem for the art of craftsmanship, and the care for the clothes she is wearing.

Open-minded Fashion

She always attaches her collections to a story inspired by personal experiences and hopes to make her customers travel mentally, as a form of escape, connection, and exchange of experiences.
She also loves “approaching fashion in an exploratory way” as her reasoning relies on asking herself the right questions, and working accordingly to get her answers. As she puts it herself, “Experience offers you a recipe for a sense of anonymity in the city of dreamers, which you have never visited before.”
Moreover, she firmly believes that less is more: “
we need to slow down our consumption, change our thinking about clothes, return to our roots, not forget our past and start thinking about our future”, she admits.
Interestingly, she sees fashion as more than just clothes: to her, it should be a platform of exchange, education, and awareness about “sustainability, diversity, and open-mindedness”, rather than solely a profit-driven industry.

“Go Inside” 

“Go Inside” is what would sum up PAT GUZIC’s vibe and spirit. Indeed, the designer insists on the necessity of self-reflection and self-harmony, the quest for internal peace and inspiration. She highlights that the future of her brand is defined by her consistency and integrity as a sustainable designer, as she wants to keep doing her job, her way. She also deeply wishes that the fashion industry shifts to circularity and upcycling, as she thinks garments should be timeless and seasonless.

The Advice

Finally, her advice to young people relies on self-confidence and authenticity: “believe in yourself more, be less pressured by people, do whatever you want to do in your design process, just be authentic.” On a more mental and spiritual level, she adds: “Listen yourself more carefully and don’t forget to take care of your body and mind. Live in harmony with yourself”.

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