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Sustainability starts at home. Medley Home and Living is known for delivering premium products that exude brilliance, consciousness,, and innovation. Half of the co-founding brothers, Travis, shares how important sustainability is in the lifestyle space and how using natural light can create ambiance and peace in your personal space.

Words By Shannon Rice


sustainable customer

Travis and Ryan, Medley Home’s founders

A one-fits-all decoration

Travis and his brother find themselves in a large outdoor mall in their home of Sacramento, California. As they passed the big-name furniture stores with their generic options, they saw an opportunity. There was a gap in the market for made-to-order home furnishings made with eco-friendly materials. Instead of having their customers drive to a giant warehouse to find a couch, they saw the opportunity to streamline the process of buying furniture for your home. The idea behind Medley Home was a response to fast-furniture and a “one-style-fits-all” approach to decorating your home.

We wanted to know more. “What are 3 words that sum up your brand, vibe, and spirit? How does that translate into your designs?” Travis shared, “Welcoming, thoughtful, relaxed. Our pieces focus on comfort, it’s not enough to just look nice. Just like our brand, our designs are approachable and evoke a sense of well being. We encourage people to slow down and enjoy the details, good things take time to make.”

Sustainability and fashion are definitely at a crossroads. There are fabric innovations, upcycling, and the rise of vintage that are taking the industry by storm. In the home and living space, you rarely hear of these same innovations. We believe sustainability starts at home, and Travis shared his insights on Medley’s approach to their initiatives. “Our mantra is healthy planet, healthy home. It’s about viewing products and people as part of the same ecosystem as nature. It’s all connected, so if we can make products that use sustainable and non-toxic materials, and that last as long as possible, then we’re building products that contribute to a better humanity.”

When thinking of sustainability as a whole, preservation is a key word in the conversation. Preservation in the home starts with consciousness and awareness of how we are curating our personal space. A simple, yet underrated way to practice preservation is through light. We all hear about the benefits of turning lights off at certain times to preserve energy and adopt sustainable practices. Nature offers a free source of energy, natural light. When talking to Travis, he expressed the importance of using natural light as an enhancement to your home, “When thinking of light and natural light, what does that mean to you and Medley?” Our curiosity was sparked eager to hear the insights of an industry insider.

“I immediately think about the morning light while on a camping trip, how glorious it looks coming through the trees and inviting you to start the day. I also think of those same trees since we’re using them to make our furniture (well maybe not those exact trees, but trees nonetheless). It also makes me think of how sacred that space can be, and being proud that we’re offering pieces of furniture that enhance that feeling of comfort and home.”

brown sofa

Meera Chair from Medley Home

Elegant beds

Palder Bed from Medley Home

Connection with nature

This connection with nature is essential to comfort and oneness with our environment. Evoking that same feeling from nature between four walls is something that is always sought after and hard to replicate in the home. We all strive for that connection with the outside world when we spend most of our time in our homes or in an office. Travis shares his tips on using light at all times of the day, morning, noon and night. We wanted to know how important natural light is when designing and curating your space “It can be utilized to help shape the feeling of a space, or the intention. Whether it’s morning, afternoon for evening natural light, that can determine how the walls look, what plants can thrive, what the vibe is in the room. The shadows can help enhance the architecture or even art pieces, and make you feel connected to the outside world.”

Preservation, connection, and utilization of what nature offers us are essential when making the shift to a sustainable lifestyle. Travis’ insights on home and living are a true testament to the importance of “sustainability starts at home”, feeling at comfort while appreciating the details that make the difference.

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Medley Home

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