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The new glitter frontier: Projekt Glitter. The story of Jeen Low, her passion for glitters and sparkles, and the launch of her sustainable glitter brand.

Words By Ivana Coletta


Jeen Low 

Projekt Glitter was founded five years ago by festival-lover Jeen Low. Her idea of creating a sustainable glitter line was born from her passions: festivals, glitter, and the planet. Jeen says, “I love glitter. I love using it. I love putting it on people, sharing it, and going to festivals. And then I realized after some time, how terrible glitter was to use on people because it’s effectively microplastics and as an avid glitter and festival lover, I know that festivals are often happening in nature by lakes in very beautiful surroundings. It made me feel very guilty about using microplastics that all fall into the ground, into the water, in these really beautiful environments. So that’s when I decided to take things into my own hands and look for an alternative solution.”

Spreading Magic 

What Jeen loves about glitter is that they are pure magic. They connect and transform people. Therefore, what was essential to Jeen was to create something beneficial to people and the environment but preserve its charm and fun. She highlights, “the vision was always to spread the magic of festivals and to do it in a sustainable and conscious way.” Moreover, she shares, “we need to sparkle in life, after the darkest winter months. So we need to remind ourselves to bring joy into our life. We don’t have to be at festivals you know, why not make it part of our day to day experience?” This is why she designed her products: to encourage people to shine and feel beautiful, wherever they are.

Projekt Glitter 

Let’s take a step back to dig deep into her company’s history, why she decided to locate in Berlin and why she chose to join Staiy. Jeen used to live in London, where she discovered her passion for festivals and glitter. Then, she moved to Berlin and worked in tech. Since Jeen had an industrial and product design background, Projekt Glitter started as a side business. Jeen adds, “It was my creative outlet because I was going more into a managerial position. I was not being so creative, and I missed making things with my hands and creating a brand and doing all the packaging and everything.” She wanted to change her life, so Berlin was the perfect city to launch what started as a side project, Projekt Glitter. Using glitter for festivals was her usual activity until she realized that glitters were not sustainable. So, Jeen talked with a couple of friends in London; they were interested in the idea but questioned her about its originality. But when she spoke with her Berliner friends, they immediately loved and supported Projekt Glitter. Jeen expresses, “Berlin has got this very supportive culture, no idea is too crazy or too silly, and starting a glitter company sounds like a wonderful idea. A lot of the community I have here is very creative entrepreneurial people.”

Berlin is a city that inspires and encourages you to pursue your dreams. In fact, Jeen is working on a new project: recycling bed sheets from hotels. The idea is to turn bed sheets into robes, Kimonos to be specific, which speaks to the festival world because it’s a trendy item of clothing that you can throw on. The concept is to have blank sheets and print or dye on them. Jeen argues, “I think many people have this idea of consumerism and partying in a wasteful way, but actually we can still have fun, and we can still do it in a very conscious way. Glitter feeds into that, and having fun, colorful robes that we can put on like costumes to wear at home or festivals are all part of this idea of having fun being playful. Not being a detriment to the planet.” 

When asked what is her basis of sustainability and the resources to reduce pollution, Jeen answered that the most important thing is education. In her case, it is about educating her customers about how bad traditional glitters are or talking about alternatives to fast fashion. Of course, being sustainable is more expensive, so it is essential to sensitize people to think about what they are buying to raise awareness. For instance, her kimono idea is to create something from what already exists. “So we don’t want to create anything new. We don’t want to use any virgin material. We’re trying to use just what is already in the world because there is so much material out there that is just going to waste, so let’s turn that into something beautiful that we can use!”, Jeen explains.

Last but not least, when asked about the future of her project and end goal, Jeen replies “my end goal is to continue making the world a magical place, a happy place. Bringing positivity into the world through our products, but with the glitter, we are expanding into other sustainablefestival cosmetic areas such as a glitter gel and an SPF oil, so you can wear that as well when you’re out in the sunshine and summertime. I think when it comes to our minds, the sky’s the limit because there’s just so much room for creativity there. With the upcycled textiles, it doesn’t have to stop at robes, it could even go into products, like furnishing. I think this is a very exciting point because it’s a big experiment. Lots of things to come.”