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January, 1st 2021

Eywa is a brand focusing on sustainable and transparent beauty products including soaps, shampoos, creams and skincare. Eywa is bringing new meaning to ethical beauty by ensuring the best vegetable raw materials, guaranteeing traceability, certified quality, and using recyclable packaging.

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck

Eywa was born in Dinderessò, a village in Burkina Faso, where a group of women came together to start a soap factory. The founders continued their journey in search of the perfect ingredients leading them to Morocco, Kenya and Italy. “We were inspired by this idea to create a network of authentic connections between different people and cultures, enhancing the skills and knowledge of local communities, learning from those who have always lived in a specific area how to benefit from natural products in a sustainable way”. 

The name itself was inspired by Eywa, an imaginary deity, the Great Mother protector of natural balance, the force that relates all creatures of a living system. Their philosophy is to provide beauty in harmony with you and with the planet and are able to do that by putting a focus on quality raw materials and strong relationships with suppliers. According to Eywa, “Creating a network of connections starting from the territory, from the people and from the resources of nature to arrive at a product that maintains the typical characteristics of the place it comes from, reflecting, in a certain sense, its most authentic soul”. 

Each country that plays a role at Eywa plays an important part in the Process. Burkina Faso, was where Eywa started and where Eywa worked closely with the Kolon Kandya Burkina Faso Association to follow the production of the soap factory, including the extraction and conservation of butters and precious oils. In Kenya, Eywa collaborates with Meru Herbs, a co-op consisting of 2000 Kenyan families farming grains and teas on the slopes of Mount Kenya; they also contribute to the water project by ensuring water access to all the communities in that area. Eywa uses all parts of the Kenyan grain in their skincare products. 


Morocco is the primary source of their precious argan oil. The oil comes from the Anti Atlas mountains and company Argane Aouzac, which employs 450 women in the area all paid fair trade prices to help process, collect and extract the organic product. 

In Campania, Italy, Eywa works with Cooperativa Sociale Capovolti for olives that are reared according to organic farming and ICEA certifications. Lastly in Sardina, Italy, The Ilania cooperative has set up a network that completes the supply chain and reduces costs and CO2 emissions related to transport. From the collection of herbs to the packaging of natural cosmetics, everything is made in Sardinia.

Eywa also takes their packaging very seriously as it relates to sustainability and today are 98% plastic free and in their products and packaging use glass, aluminum, FSC wood, compostable biopolymers, vegetable plastic (bio.based) for its containers.


Eywa also has an impressive list of certifications including Ecocert (naturalness of the products/ silicone free), IFRA (packaging/fragrance), COSMOS (organic raw materials) and AIAB (packaging). Moreover, they are considered BIO Cosmetics by using 100% certified raw materials, 100% traceable raw materials and 100% free of any PEG, SLES AND SLS, SILICON, GMO, MEA, DEA, TEA. Eywa is a brand we stand behind and proves that there is beauty and cosmetics companies that can do things right and well, while delivering quality working products. Check out Eywa’s product selection on