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Once again, Staiy inspires you with its authentic collection of sneakers made of recycled rubber.

Learn about this innovative and sustainable material that pleases not only your pretty feet, but the planet too!

Words By Sophie Badaoui 


What is recycled rubber?

Recycled rubber is a material that results from the reprocessing of products that are no longer usable, such as old tires.

Contrary to what you may think, recycled rubber is not a new concept.

In fact, it traces as far back as rubbers’ industrial utilization.

As crazy as this may sound, in the 1900s, rubber was considered as valuable as silver, which is why the idea of recycling it was very attractive, precisely for its cost-effectiveness in businesses.

Then came synthetic rubber in the middle of the 20th century, along with the decrease in oil’s importation rate and the production of steel-belted tires. 

Impacts of rubber recycling

Fortunately for producers, all these changes contributed to reducing the cost of natural rubber, which increased its production and made its recycling a less desirable process for the economy. 

Unfortunately for the environment, this meant more polluting damages with the disposal of tires in our landfills and oceans, as well as the exploitation of latex-producing plants, and consequently, a serious threat to biodiversity. 

Only recently has it become an environmental issue, as over 279 million tires get thrown away each year, devastatingly harming our planet.

This made rubber recycling emerge again as a prominent solution; only this time, it is for more than just economical purposes. 

This time, it entails consequences that can go as far as questioning the survival of our own species.

Application of recycled rubber

For all these cited reasons, many businesses started processing rubber instead of throwing it away, and reuse it for other products in various industries, such as construction, sports, and our main field of interest, fashion. 

In the fashion industry precisely, recycled rubber is mainly used in the production of shoes’ outsoles.

Staiy’s conscious sneakers collection

To have an idea of what a fashionable recycled rubber shoe outsole looks like, here are some of the most stylish pairs of Staiy’s conscious sneakers collection.


Ethically produced within a 70kms radius in Porto, Portugal, this timeless, high-quality pair of sneakers will add a sophisticated, clean touch to any outfit!

Available in three color combinations such as almond milk white and green, almond milk white and dark grey, and a white grey black trio, the design is always loyal to the brand’s motto: Wave At Your Zest for Life. 

Indeed, these shoes scream passion, enjoyment, quality and freedom. 

Moreover, they are produced using fully recyclable and durable materials, such as vegetable tanned leather for the upper part and lining, linen, latex, wool and wood fibres for the removable insole, cotton for the shoelaces and of course, today’s #StaiyMaterial, recycled rubber for the outsole!


Determined to fulfill its mission of protecting our oceans, OCEAN REFRESH presents this beautiful pair of shoes, made entirely of recyclable materials from ocean waste such as plastic bottles (up to 12 per pair!) and recycled ghost nets.

Indeed, these sneakers are 100% recyclable and 100% vegan. 

The insoles are made of cork and foam which make the shoes extremely comfortable, and the outsoles are of course, made of recycled rubber

Available in black, navy and khaki, these sneakers do not only ensure comfort, but also style and convenience for any occasion!

Whatever color you decide to pick, with these shoes, your feet won’t feel stressed, nor depressed, but always well dressed.


Meet RECLAIM, a minimalist vegan pair of sneakers made by sustainable brand NAE, which stands for No Animal Exploitation. 

Timeless and genderless, the design may remind you of another one in particular, one that you most certainly have worn in your younger years as an iconic trend of the early 2000s, the traditional converse. 

Well, unlike a pair of converse, RECLAIM is made of sustainable, cruelty-free, durable, GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard) materials. 

Indeed, this pair is made of recycled PET, and its lining is made of 100% organic cotton, which guarantees high flexibility and protects against blisters. 

With a padded ergonomic insole, these sneakers provide comfort, support, stability and breathability. 

The outsole is made of organic rubber, which as described earlier, is renewable and biodegradable. 

In a beautiful shade of Grey, this pair is detailed with a “recycled” symbol stamped on the quarter side.

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Recycled Rubber 

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