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Staiy Edit presents About Companions, an ethical menswear brand that puts quality and transparency at the core of their production.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


It all started with a childhood friendship, a passion for fashion and a strong commitment to ethics. About Companions was founded by Thies and Stephan, “rediscovering the field of ethical menswear”. As they previously co-founded the clothing brand Frisur, they are no strangers to working together, especially when it comes to building a business with a purpose. Indeed, About Companions values men’s garments highly, and the simplest proof of it lies in their brand name: a man’s forever companion is not his dog, but his menswear. It’s about building a long lasting relationship with your garments. Now, as they express it, “How do you find a companion that suits your values?”




This is where the brand intervenes. They produce high quality, durable pieces, with a particular attention to transparency. The brand admits, “Sustainability is complex. Understanding that the current standard of using sustainability as an empty marketing phrase is destructive, has led us to understand that transparency is the way to move forward.” Therefore, “instead of greenwashing, we provide detailed garment information. We disclose the ethical and sustainable impacts of each garment. This way we believe we empower you to make informed choices, tailored to your values”, they explain.


In fact, About Companions puts both design and production at the service of garment durability. In terms of design, they focus on casual classics, perfect for many occasions, and accompanying you through every season. In terms of production, they use low-impact fabrics, eco-friendly and durable materials, such as organic cotton, tencel, linen and wool. They even set a repair program called “reliable companions”, for you to repair your garments and make sure to keep them by your side for the years to come!

Garment Care

Unlike most menswear brands out there, they even share with us tips to care for our beloved companions, and extend their life as much as possible. As a matter of fact, one of their most useful tips is to wash your garment less, and instead, freshen it up in the freezer! That’s right, you heard us. They highlight, “most odour comes from bacteria in the fabric. To refresh your worn but stainless garment, simply freeze it to refresh while saving water and resources”. To do it right, make sure your companion is 100% dry and packed in a waterproof bag, and avoid placing it next to food that can leave stains. You can store it there for one to seven days, and once taken out, you can air it until it’s ready to wear!

Last but not least, the brand sums up, “instead of chasing novelty with short-lived trends, we put our expertise into perfecting casual classic pieces – offering considered menswear for your daily wardrobe that lives up to your ethics as well as your taste.”

So, turns out your lifelong partner might not only be your wife, husband, best friend, or pet. It can also be your shirt, trouser, jacket or else. So what are you waiting for? Find your companion on