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To revamp is to change something so that it can be used again. In essence, it falls under the umbrella of reusing. Were you about to throw out that pair of jeans? Maybe hold on to them till after you read this article.

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam


The Cambridge Dictionary defines the verb to revamp as “to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it”. Now when we at Staiy refer to something as being revamped, however, we do not necessarily mean that it was ‘improved’. To us, it means that an item has been given a new life. Of course this goes back to basics of sustainability with the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycling is often the focus of most discussions but reusing is just as important. You might be thinking, so what exactly do revamping and reusing have to do with each other? The answer is that reusing is not limited to the continuous use of one item in its original shape and form! Put simply, although a to-go mug is an excellent example of a reusable item, taking an old pair of jeans and DIYing them into shorts also fit under this umbrella term. The main idea behind revamping is that you change an aspect of the original item to prolong its use.

BEEN London is a good example of how a business uses revamping to produce sustainable fashion. The idea behind this brand is to lead by example, and show the consumer that discarded does not equal waste. Their bags are made from all kinds of industry byproducts, “from tannery off-cut leather, discarded clothes, single-use plastic bottles… and even apple skins”. BEEN London even boasts that their accessories produce a fraction of the carbon emissions. It also helps that the brand caters to all of your needs. With their earthy colour palette and minimalist style, BEEN London is sure to fit into anybody’s wardrobe. Their repertoire includes practical crossbody bags, sleek everyday tote bags and clutches, and a chique, practical wallet and purse. They also carry a versatile backpack and sleek laptop sleeves.

Another brand that is taking advantage of the revamping concept is nuuwaï. This German brand is a vegan alternative to leather accessories. nuuwaï uses apple waste from the juice industry to create vegan apple leather. The more conventional idea of reusing food waste would be to compost it and use it to feed your greens, so this is definitely an innovative process that Staiy is very excited about! Furthermore, the lining of their products is made of 100% recycled plastic from bottles as well as fishnets found at sea. The brand says that their “pieces are designed to make you look fantastic without damaging the environment”. nuuwaï similarly offers a wide range of products. With a selection of pastel colours and gold buckles, these accessories are more of a standout piece. They offer tote bags, wallets, and much more.

You might remember our feature on our friends at Honey Furniture, the wood-furniture company based in Latvia that gives wood the chance for a third life. Zane & Reinis Maskav‘s of Honey Furniture collect discarded wood of old houses that are being renovated and revamp it so that its journey can continue. The Maskavs believe that there is a story behind every piece of wood as it is a witness of history, a time traveller of the past. They believe that by revamping old floorboard panels and repurposing them as bedside tables and mirrors, the story lives on. We personally think that it is a touching tribute to the past as well as a creative way to produce sustainable furniture. 

We encourage you to take advantage of revamping and opt for sustainable brands that work to make a difference. Simply by purchasing a bag that is made of discarded material, not only are you drastically decreasing your own consumer footprint, but you are also making sure that mass-and-overproduction is prevented. You can always grab a pair of scissors and some thread and a needle to take revamping into your own hands, but if that is not your cup of tea, do not fret, our sustainable brands are right here waiting for you.

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