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Jenah St. Bag

Jenah St. and her women’s community just landed on, leading us to the unexplored boundaries of luxury vegan accessories.

Words By Alessandra di Perna



Jenah St.
The Origins 

Thirsty for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and fascinated by bright colors, French designer Jena Bautmans places her life mantra at the heart of her brand, Jenah St. As each piece is created with extreme attention to detail and a simple uniqueness, it embodies an interesting puzzle, for a final dynamic yet harmonic picture.

“Fashion should be more than a medium to express oneself. What do I stand for by wearing the piece I wear? Pleasure, aesthetics and consciousness should – and can – always go hand in hand”, affirms Bautman.
Jenah St. is the result itself of Bautman’s personal evolution. In fact, as she was traveling all over the world, she finally found her true calling in Tuscany, where she started to collaborate with an Italian atelier.
This decision opened up her eyes and made her take the final step in her research process to launch the brand.

A Jenah St. bag can be gently decomposed to discover its authentic anatomy: Made in Italy hardware and ecolabel certified vegan Nappa encounter the expertise of Italian manufacturing in a fully sustainable environment. As a matter of fact, its production requires almost six times less water and generates half the greenhouse gas emission than a real leather bag.


Supporting Jenah St. also means supporting women. The company is in partnership with the Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony, a Karachi-based organization that helps Pakistani women become financially independent. Indeed, as they teach them crafting skills, they train them to become adept artisans in the creation of key chains. You see, with each order purchased from Jenah St, customers receive one of these key chains, thus feeling closer to RLCC and supporting employment of its community.

is the goal 

Finally, at Jenah St. Community Lab, everyone can join the research and design process, as Bautman intrinsically embraces the concept of harmony in working as a team, as much as in her creations. Therefore, the place welcomes all people who want to be actively involved in the development of the brand, whose ultimate goal is to reach 100% of circularity in the collection’s lifecycle. 

Discover the Jenah St. world
and empower its community with a responsible purchase

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