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Sendo All Care

Sendo, an italian cosmetic brand, has a truly holistic approach towards sustainability. From ingredients to distribution, every step of the production pays respect to the people and the planet.

Words By Ilaria De March


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Sendo: not just a product

As you can read here, beauty routines can have a negative impact on the environment. From the chemicals within the products to the packaging, several are the factors that contribute to the unsustainability of this industry. Business, as usual, is taking everyone on a dangerous path. Nonetheless, more and more visionary, game-changer entrepreneurs are coming in to change the rules.

This is the case of Elena Bergamaschi and her brand Sendo, an italian cosmetic company completely devoted to the sustainability cause.The mission of the company is to give life to products that are highly sustainable in every aspect of their manufacturing process, redirecting the consumer towards ethical choices. 

As she puts it: 

“We feel responsible for the well-being of the planet and the people. This is why we have chosen to be attentive to the raw materials used, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact, while preserving the delicate natural balances.The motivation for all our choices comes from respect: respect for nature, respect for the environment and respect for ourselves and others.”

Respect for nature and for people

Sendo makes the first effort to achieve its mission at the very first step of the production. 

Its product lines, such as “All Care” and “Hair Care”, contain a high percentage of naturally-derived and organic ingredients. Their formulas are vegan and never tested on animals, as certified by their joining of Peta’s association Cruelty Free and Vegan Program.

Silicones, which are non-biodegradable substances, as well as petrolatum and mineral oils are avoided in the production.

To combat the indiscriminate spread of palm oil, being aware of its endangering effect on rainforests, Sendo has agreed to respect the RSPO standard for vegetable oils. 

Sendo’s efforts are not directed towards nature only. Its respect for people is evident both from the formulations of their products, always attentive towards the well-being of the person, and from its collaborations. In fact, the company is developing projects together with K-LAB, an association of the Third Sector that deals with physical disabilities and social frailties. This engagement is not just charity: Sendo and K-Lab combine skills and creativity to give life to new products. That’s the case of the Travel Kit All Care and the Agenda, all items developed with the help of people that proved how fragilities can be turned into strengths. 

Biotechnology for nature

One of the most relevant elements of Sendo’s production is without any doubt its use of biotechnology. Through laboratorial processes, active ingredients are extracted from the plants and replicated in the laboratory: this prevents the need for intensive farming, which increases emissions and exploits the soil. Together with biotechnologies, Sendo uses prebiotic active ingredients: these are organic substances that stimulate the growth of good bacteria, such as the microbiota, that keep the skin healthy.

Sendo Frizz Control

Its efforts for the well-being of the skin go a bit further: for instance, they have replaced some synthetic surfactants with naturally derived agents that are gentler to the skin. Furthermore, they have tested their formulas for nickel (<1 ppm) to protect and guarantee greater tolerability.

Aligning with its holistic approach, Sendo paid attention to packaging and distribution too. Its beautiful bottles are made of recycled plastic and are recyclable themselves. By exploiting the plastic already existing on the market, it avoids adding new one. 

Last but not least, to guarantee further its sustainability, Sendo has obtained the ISO 14064 Certification (GHG-Greenhouse Gas Emission), a standard that provides governments, businesses and other organisations with a complementary set of tools to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions.

Sendo Hydration

Sendo is not just a product, but a life choice”

Thanks to green chemistry, the italian brand is able to respect people and protect the planet at the same time. However, the deep concern for nature and environment does not come at the expense of the price of Sendo’s product. Its catalogue stands out within the cosmetic landscape because high quality standards are associated with affordable prices. Sustainability, in the founder’s words, must be accessible to everyone.

In a market that makes it hard to turn green, Elena transformed her experience and her serious concern for the environment into cosmetics. As they combine professional quality and affordable prices, they benefit consumers in any possible way and contribute to the company’s mission.

Because sustainability is not a privilege but a choice.

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