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Sicel’s new Remade is the new staple spring accessory you were looking for. Get inspired by its versatility and give your own twist to this modern and elegant silk scarf.

Words By Irene Tosatti


Spring is finally here. Days are getting longer, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. For a lot of us, spring often means changes and new beginnings. So, with the start of the new season, we feel the need to shake the winter off and introduce fresh and colorful garments into our closet.

Sicel created the perfect accessory to show off during these pleasant and sunny days, their new Remade. Sicel is a Copenhagen-based slow fashion brand that creates timeless and minimalistic scarves, inspired by the Mediterranean patterns and colors. Their new silk scarf Remade, ethically hand crafted in Italy with 100% Silk Crepe de Chine, is the perfect addition to your springtime wardrobe, thanks to its incredible versatility. 

Express yourself and refine your spring looks with this modern and unique piece.

Here are Staiy’s favorite ways to style it.

As An Accessory

Get inspired by Remade. This elegant silk scarf is the perfect statement piece to elevate your outfits. Wear it around your neck, as a classic scarf or tied in a bow, or again tie it around your waist as a belt. Embrace the versatility of Remade to add a stylish accent to your everyday looks. You can use it as a foulard and wrap it around your head to protect you from the sun during a walk in the park or a stroll in the city. Otherwise, you can wear it around your wrist like a bracelet or use it as a hair accessory for an effortless and chic ponytail. And again, you can wrap it around the strap of one of your old bags to give it a new life. Find your own way to bring colors and prints to your spring attire. The possibilities are endless!

As A Top

Not just a simple accessory. Remade looks amazing turned into a crop top as well, tie it around your body to create different styles and shapes. You can fold the scarf in half and tie it in the back for a strapless look, or wrap it around your chest and tie it behind your neck to transform it into a backless top. Pair it with your favorite jeans or trousers for a beautiful everyday look, or wear it with a high-waisted skirt on a fun night-out. There are tons of ways to fold and wear Remade. Have fun and experiment with your style, spring is a great time to play with fashion.


As Home Decor

Who says scarves are only for wearing? Let your creativity run free and use the scarf to give a new look to your house decor. You can wrap it around a vase to “dress up” your plants and or match it to a bouquet of flowers. You can also let it drape off a shelf to turn it into an ornament, convert it into wall decor by hanging it in your living room or use it as a runner or centerpiece to decorate your table. Find your own way to make Remade an original and essential piece of your interior decor.