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Discover Staiy’s selection of cruelty-free cosmetics, to protect your skin, your hair, but also animals! 

Words By Varnika Srivastava 


Today on World Animal Day, we wish to offer you our curated collection of cosmetics that are truly cruelty-free towards animals.

1. Mademoiselle Kelapa – Eye Cream

Refrigerate it so you can apply it cool in the morning! It will do wonders for the shape of your eyes. While moisturizing, this cream helps to keep a healthy eye contours area and improves skin quality.

It has a light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin.

2. Lali Natural Cosmetics – Hand Cream 

Hand cream that protects the skin while leaving it smooth and silky.

Made of organic lemon oil, honey, vitamin E, and panthenol, it nourishes and hydrates the skin, avoiding chapping and redness. Lali products are healthy for the body and environmentally friendly.

They are made up of more than 98 percent natural components and are free of possibly allergic substances. Lali has drawn inspiration from nature and well-being. This is why they only use the highest quality organic raw components that moisturize, nourish, and benefit the skin.

3. Fragile Cosmetics – Restoring oil

Bloom is a nourishing, rejuvenating hair, body, and face oil made with a special mix of natural components and pure plant oils. This multi-functional dry oil with lovely smell repairs, nourishes and beautifies skin and hair. It is suited for all skin and hair types and has a natural aroma of eucalyptus, hibiscus, and patchouli. Fragile is both an adjective and a means to symbolize the balance between human nature and the world we live in, according to Franco Gobbi, celebrity hairstylist, and Manuela Affatato, co-founder. Fragile Cosmetics leverages the power of organic, sustainable, ecological components in body and hair products, with unisex scent and packaging for nature enthusiasts.

4. Whamisa – Mist

This light mist has a lot of uses and is perfect for giving your skin an energy boost when needed. Damask rose petals assist to tighten and brighten skin while also strengthening the skin’s natural barriers for a young, healthy appearance. The mist contains no water and is based on aloe maculata leaf extract for optimum benefits and hydration. Ingredients like chrysanthemum, dandelion leaf, and lotus flower are fermented with our proprietary method to retain natural benefits while also hydrating and toning on the go.

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