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Looking for a gift to show your appreciation to your S.O? Look no further, Staiy presents the top three unisex caps for this season!

Words By Sohila Ahmed


Summer is not always hair-friendly. With all the humidity and the heat, it is sometimes better to cover it up until your next salon session. Perhaps, you decided to cut your S.O’s hair at home and it just didn’t go as expected, or you simply need to protect your face from the blinding sun. Whatever your situation may be, Staiy presents to you a quick solution for all of these problems, not to mention, trendy and sustainable. Check out Staiy’s top three caps (maybe you can now be forgiven for that haircut).

1- IRON ROOTS – Hemp Baseball Cap

Iron Roots is a Dutch activewear brand that deeply believes in sustainability and fair production. They produce activewear that does not release any micro-plastic, unlike 90% of other activewear brands. With Iron Roots you can expect products that are truly durable and environmentally friendly. Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, the Iron Roots cap is perfect for any occasion. The antibacterial properties of hemp and the incredible moisture absorption of cotton will ensure your cap stays dry, keeping your feeling fresh all day long. The versatile black colour will effortlessly match with any outfit you have in mind. The cap also features “Iron Roots” embroidered on the front and an adjustable strap on the back, along with Iron Root’s logo. Perfect for working out or as a fashionable statement to any outfit. Check it out on Staiy: Iron Roots – Hemp Cap 

2- HAFENDIEB – Flagge 5Panel Cap Beige

Hafendieb is a German clothing brand based in Hamburg. They believe sustainable materials are not enough without fair production practices, and pride themselves on the strong partnerships they have with their suppliers. Their materials include: organic cotton, pure wool, Recycled PET and Tencel. Their beige cap featured here is embroidered on the front corner with a flag that represents the letter “H” in flag alphabet. The cap also has an adjustable strap on the back and is perfect for any day look. The natural beige colour is effortless to style, so you can comfortably enjoy any sunny day. Check it out on Staiy: Hafendieb – Flag Cap Beige

3- BONVION – No Pictures Baseball Hat Black

The third cap on our list is the Bonvion “No Pictures” embroidered cap by Nasaseasons. Nasaseasons is a French brand established in 2015 and has since been worn by many celebrities. The brand stands for the daring attitude of youth. As for Bonvion, it is an online concept store based in Budapest. They support high quality and timeless pieces by new and unknown brands. Made from 100% cotton, the “No Pictures” baseball cap is perfect for the hot summer days. Cotton is known to be durable with incredible moisture absorption properties. No need to worry about head-sweat when wearing this cap. Check it out on Staiy: Bonvion – Baseball Hat Black