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With all the unknowns and uncertainty this year has brought, the Staiy team has held their ground, focused on their mission, and jumped through every hoop necessary to achieve their goals. Staiy has made its mark on the world, without leaving a footprint.

Words By Ella van Niekerk


2021 has been a strange year for all of us (to say the least). Masks, tests, vaccines, and social distancing have become our new normal. However, as weird as this has been, there are also some upsides to a world that is changing faster and more efficiently than ever. Staiy has chosen to see this accelerant change as a strength and an opportunity instead of a weakness and a threat. In fact, it has pushed through these obstacles with passion and determination and it is indeed paying off. 

Staiy was founded two years ago by a group of visionaries who chose to take on the responsibility of sustainability within the fashion industry. They set out to create the first-ever online marketplace for sustainable fashion, an integration of aesthetics, energy, and influence. The goal for Staiy is simple:, lead the fashion industry into a new normal that bases its entirety around ethics and sustainability. 

Since the founding of this born-circular company, the growth with regard to partnerships, initiatives, and audiences has been exponential. One of these highlights has been the growth of Staiy throughout Europe. As a matter of fact, the company has now embraced 13 countries, making up almost 30% of the European continent, and has delivered over 780 products throughout. With 60% of their key market audience being Germany and 30% being Italy, Staiy’s effect on their key markets has and is still expanding. 

Within the last year, Staiy has earned the attention of 68,000 unique visitors on its website, along with an additional 10,000 (15%) over December. These numbers alone demonstrate the absolute demand from consumers for conscious, sustainable products. From an internal point of view, Staiy began this year with 40 partnerships with up-and-coming sustainable fashion brands on their platform and is ending the year with over 180 brand partnerships. This sizable growth is due to the advancement of Staiy’s evaluation process that brands go through. These brands have proven their commitment to joining Staiy on their mission ​​to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable culture. 

Not only has Staiy thrived concerning its internal aspects, but it has also played its part in ensuring the reduction of waste and the saving of valuable, environmental resources. A quantifiable example of this is the 12,000,000 liters of water Staiy has saved in one year alone. 

In the past eight months of 2021, the company has reached some incredible achievements, proving once and for all that sustainability is here to sta(i)y. The co-founders have stayed true to their vision and mission, as they have carried their values through the entire life of the company and will surely continue to grow and flourish in the years to come. 

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