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 Staiy is happy to join a long and proud list of sustainable companies contributing in LFCA’s Time for Climate Action campaign this Earth Day week 2021!

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam


Time for Climate Action
Social Campaign

Time for
Climate Action

“Time, not money, is the most powerful resource we have. And although time is running out, we can still use it wisely”., This is the belief of Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA), which we at Staiy support as well. That is why we have joined the Time for Climate Action (TFCA) campaign for Earth Day 2021. The LFCA is a non-profit organization based in Berlin with the aim of making “a significant, measurable contribution to climate protection”.

The TFCA aims “to make climate action easier for individuals” during the week of Earth Day 2021, April 19-25, and hopes “to reach over 50 million people”. Each pledged company partakes in various efforts, from sharing the page with their supporters to creating educational material, the contributions are abundant. The LFCA writes that the campaign’s impact comes from three directions. The immediate impacts for the page, the array of sustainable products offered by the participating companies, and the actions the companies take within their own structures with the secondary hope of inspiring others to join the movement.

The LFCA also values transparency, which is why they are open about the affiliate links the TFCA campaign links to. Whether we like it or not, money plays a role in this world, but the LFCA wants to be clear that all the money will directly go towards climate protections efforts. They were also careful to partner with companies that truly walk the walk in regards to sustainability and climate protection. Staiy is honoured to stand with the list of great companies involved this Earth Day 2021, such as Ecosia, BlaBlaCar, and Spotify, to mention a few. 



The website encourages its readers to spread the message with friends, family, and colleagues alike, as well as to continually keep learning about both the local and the international sustainability scene. On it, you can learn how to invest sustainably, use the TFCA’s carbon footprint measuring software, as well as access resources to help you share backed up industry information with your loved ones, among a number of other just as impactful actions, all conveniently located on one webpage.

Supporting our Planet

Since Staiy offers a marketplace for sustainable fashion, all of our listed products comply with sustainable guidelines. With a growing social media network and brand roster, Staiy’s main contributions this Earth Day lie in spreading the LFCA’s message and continuing to encourage sustainable practices in all levels of the production chain. Furthermore, we aim to create educational content to inform about climate protection solutions. We also continue our carbon footprint reduction efforts through a number of actions such as running our digital services on green energy. To learn more about our involvement in this campaign, head over to our Supporter page on the TFCA website.