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This week, Staiy embraces the numerous benefits of organic cotton, featuring Staiy’s biodegradable cotton sundresses SS21 collection.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


As one of the most widely used materials in fashion production, cotton has a staple length, meaning it is constituted of many different, varying lengths of fibers, as opposed to a filament fiber, which presents continuous lengths. 

Biodegradable materials are substances that are “able to decay naturally and without harming the environment”, according to the Cambridge dictionary. Made from the natural fibers of genus Gossypium, soft and fluffy cotton is definitely biodegradable, as the fibers can break down and decompose in the presence of microorganisms and weather conditions. Consequently, it turns into another natural material, such as carbon or water. Conveniently, the breakdown of cotton fibers can happen with oxygen (aerobic environment) or without oxygen (anaerobic environment). On average, it takes 5 to 7 months for cotton to decompose.

However, as cotton is massively produced in the fashion and textile industry, it can still harm the environment if produced in an unsustainable way, with the use of chemicals and pesticides. It is therefore of the utmost importance to solely support organic cotton production, as it is the most eco-friendly form of cotton out there.

Now that you know a bit more about cotton, glance at our SS21 collection of biodegradable cotton sundresses for an eco-friendly and fashionable summer

There are three brands on our platform that stood out in producing biodegradable, cotton sundresses. The first one is Bibico, a womenswear brand founded in London in 2008. Their work and life philosophy rely on the respect of mother Earth, as they only use organic cotton or wool in their production, and design timeless pieces, which effectively limits their number of collections per year. Their “back to basics” approach translates into their simple yet high quality designs, such as seen in their stunning 

 Lana Sleeveless Linen Dress. Made of 30% of linen and 70% of cotton, this precious garment will fit you perfectly with its straight, elegant cut, its classic neckline and front shell buttons, all blending in a gorgeous shade of blue. Moreover, Bibico’s Emilia Tunic Dress is to die for! In a minimalistic style, this piece rhymes with comfort, easy-to-wear, and versatility. Its light grey cotton fabric and front patch pockets allow you to feel relaxed all day long while still contributing to protecting our one and only planet!

The second brand designing biodegradable cotton sundresses in our Staiy collection is Tales of Anyday. You might have read our previous article about this awe-inspiring company, with their trademarking designs of front buttons summer dresses! Born in Copenhagen, Tales of Anyday works using GOTS certified organic cotton, linen and upcycled materials. Committed to changing the common perception that sustainable clothing is boring, they present a variety of different shapes and cuts. For instance, their LUCA dress in cognac corduroy presents a modern classic cut, with frontal buttons and straps crossing on the back. Made of 100% of GOTS certified organic cotton, this dress is absolutely seasonless! Wear it as it is during the summer, or pair it with a t-shirt underneath or a turtleneck sweater for the winter days.

Another beautiful piece of Tales of Anyday is their NOLA wrap dress, a uniquely designed garment made of 100% of organic cotton in a soft, creamy color, with an adjustable belt to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Our last brand featuring biodegradable cotton sundresses is no other than Imaima, a berlin-based womenswear brand strongly devoted to sustainable practices, both for the planet and for its people. In fact, they produce zero waste and use organic, quality materials in every step of the production, while also supporting local artisans and ensuring an ethical supply chain. Their clothing style is portrayed as bold, modern and vibrant – a true reflection of Berlin. Blending german culture with middle-eastern embroideries, Imaima embraces mixes, diversity and innovation. You will definitely feel their vibe wearing their HELIN shirt dress, an oversized garment made of 100% of cotton satin. Available in orange and blue, this dress features two front patch pockets and hidden buttons, as well as a quarter-sleeve shape, allowing you to wear it as a dress or as a shirt when pairing it with trousers.

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HELIN shirt dress

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NOLA wrap dress


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Lana Sleeveless Linen Dress

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