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Staiy’s commitment to sustainable growth and having a positive environmental impact goes beyond a philosophy as a brand; it is the way we take actions and promote a sustainable lifestyle for everyone, leading by example.

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


Staiy, our philosophy

At Staiy, we believe in sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Our values are based on caring for the environment, planet and people. We are a sustainable and editorial-driven retail platform where ethics, aesthetics and innovation meet to inspire conscious consumption.
Our commitment goes to everyone who works for us, to our partner brands and clients. This article tells you how we take our philosophy into action.

Home office 

At Staiy, we allow our employees to work comfortably and flexibly. This leads to relatively lower electrical consumption, and less emissions produced by employees travelling to the office. 

We provide a guide for small actions each employee can take during home office to decrease their personal footprint.

Carbon offsetting

At Staiy, we know that one of the biggest problems concerning climate change is the high rates of carbon emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), despite the decline in 2020, global energy-related CO2 emissions remained at 31.5 gigatons (Gt), around 50% higher than when the industrial revolution began. In this regard, we decided to take action and partner up with South Pole to offset our carbon emissions.

South Pole is a Swiss company that offers climate solutions to organizations looking to compensate for its carbon footprints. Indeed, they provide tools to achieve a low-carbon reality by implementing environmental protection projects. All the projects are aligned with the aims of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Goals. Consequently, they improve lives, livelihoods and landscapes for communities worldwide, with more than 700 projects in 40 countries. At Staiy, we work closely with this company to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint by implementing projects that help to compensate for any emissions produced. Nonetheless, our vision is to avoid as much as possible any unnecessary use of energy.

Brand partnerships  

Staiy’s values and philosophy are shared with our sustainable brand partners. We have implemented a brand evaluation based on sustainable impact points from 1 which means “on the right path” to 5 meaning “excellent sustainable conditions”. These points are analyzed according to our five pillars: water, air, materials, working conditions and supply chain. Brands are evaluated according to the level of commitment and respect of these five significant pillars.

Moreover, we continuously improve our brands’ evaluation and help our partners to understand and implement further sustainable solutions.


One of Staiy’s core pillars is materials. We do care about the type of material used in every piece we offer in our store. Most of our partners work with certifications such as the OEKO-TEX, which means that the materials used to create the fabric are safe, PETA, which certifies that no animal has been used to test the product and GOTS, which stands for products made out of bio-cotton.

Furthermore, we have created sustainable collections based on the type of materials used, such as  Eco-denim for her collection, where we offer recycled made pieces that have also been created with the respect of the fair trade principles, or our latest lace collection, which contains pieces made out of 100% regenerated nylon fiber or leftover materials.

At Staiy, we are aware that promoting sustainable choices and lifestyle is an everyday job. We, as sustainable retail, work permanently in improving our brand standards, building a sustainable practice culture at work and being transparent with our clients. We believe that leading by example is the best way to make significant changes, especially when it comes to sustainability.