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Discover the various benefits of Hemp, and have a look at Staiy’s Hemp collection of timeless, soft and durable pieces. 

Words By Varnika Srivastava 


Hemp is a fibre derived from the stem of a sustainable and low-impact plant, cannabis sativa. Hemp originated in Central Asia. Its cultivation for fibre was recorded in China as early as 2800 BCE. The fibre is similar to linen in texture and blending it with other natural fibres, makes it more durable and softer. It requires very less water to produce, gives back nutrients to the soil & does not require much land because of higher yield capacity. Hemp fibre is also used to make bioplastics that are recyclable and biodegradable, depending on the formulation.

1. Hemp Wrap Skirt – Morita – MÁ Hemp Wear

Simple designs and scandinavian influences characterize the style of this unique piece. MÁ Hemp Wear clothing has simple forms and is both utilitarian and informal. They want you to appear well-dressed without trying too hard. In Chinese, MÁ stands for hemp. The logo’s symbol is thus based on the Chinese word for hemp, and they. pay respect to the millennia-old Chinese hemp cloth manufacturing heritage with the name. The skirt has regular fit, two side pockets, a hight waist style and is wrapped in grass instead of plastic.

2. SOUL Hemp Hooded Tee Fine Hemp – Komodo 

Made with 55% hemp and 45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and 30o Eco Machine Wash. The SOUL Hooded Tee, composed of a lightweight hemp and cotton blend, keeps things simple and cool. This casual long sleeve tee is ideal for everyday comfort and includes a hooded feature for effortless style. Since 1988, the UK-based company KOMODO has provided high-quality clothing that makes you look good while also helping to safeguard the environment. They employ the highest-quality organic, natural, and eco fibers, as well as cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes to reduce their environmental effect.

3. Knitted cardigan – Miu Sutin

Style, quality, and sustainability are the hallmarks of Miu Sutin. They are a women’s fashion brand that is both ethical and sustainable. Barcelona is responsible for the design and craftsmanship. They are guided by social and environmental ideals, choosing the best organic or fair trade materials, utilizing eco-friendly dyes, collaborating with local partners, and working with social manufacturers. They are inspired by a slow fashion aesthetic that is mindful of people and the environment, and sell clothing that reflects their beliefs. 

4. Hemp and Organic Cotton Hand Painted HOODED SWEATSHIRT – Silvia Giovanardi

Fitted white hoodie with a hand painted depiction of a Japanese epic poem in black and silver. Silvia Giovanardi, an Italian designer, painter, and photographer, established this sustainable fashion line. Clothing and accessories from the company are ageless and gender-neutral. They seek to promote awareness about the necessity of wearing natural clothing by using organic, ecological fabrics and plant-based colors. Every piece in their collection is a great addition to your wardrobe, combining art and fashion.

5. Iron Roots Hemp Performance Jogger – Black – Iron Roots

Running, cycling, or simply hanging out are all options with our Hemp Performance Jogger. This jogger is antibacterial thanks to the hemp, and the organic cotton gives it a smooth, pleasant feel on your skin. Because the brand understands how easy it is to misplace your keys, the jogger is equipped with a removable carabiner to which you can attach your keys. The fabric is medium in thickness, allowing for a lot of mobility and making it suitable for all weather situations. This is an essential component in The Root Collection because of its ageless style. 

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