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This article provides an outlook on the mission, vision and values behind Staiy, the leading destination for sustainable shopping!

Words By Sophie Badaoui


If there is one thing we are absolutely intransigent about here at Staiy, it is the matter of transparency. And how can we expect our partner brands to be fully transparent if we are not setting the example first? Moreover, how can we connect with our consumers and understand them if they don’t understand us? For these reasons, it is of the utmost importance to unflinchingly display the mission to which Staiy is engaged to fulfill, the vision that drives our platform to perform better, as well as the values to which it is deeply attached and which define its identity as an authentic sustainable marketplace.

Staiy’s mission

First of all, in order to grasp what Staiy truly fights for and which basically reflects its utility as a whole, let us share with you our mission. As suggested in our code of ethics, Staiy’s mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and more responsible consumption model while educating on the topic and increasing awareness. As you can guess, Staiy takes the position of a sustainable fashion catalyst and educator, committed to protect the planet and its people in the most holistic, respectful and synergistic way possible. Our mission entails an environmental and social engagement, highlighted in our emblematic statement and message Sustainability is the new normal. Therefore, our strategy, vision and values are all serving the ultimate purpose of contributing to the foundation of an inclusive community adopting a sustainable lifestyle and culture.

Staiy’s vision

Second of all, for us to be able to rightfully fulfill our mission, we at Staiy draw a clear vision that directs us through our entire journey. As mentioned in our code of ethics, Staiy presents its own, most authentic interpretation of sustainability, striving to redefine the societal opinion of modern consumption and to become a more conscious collectivity. Our main approach suggests an intrinsic sustainability at every step of the supply chain, in the production and consumption cycle. Underlining examples of such an approach include ethical production, manufacturing and distribution, respect and justice for workers and employees, as well as valuing the uniqueness and intemporality of every piece created with consideration for their fascinating story. This way, unlike common misconceptions that simply present sustainability as a cool trend, we attempt to redefine it as a holistic lifestyle that aims to benefit and include everyone, to build a better future.

Staiy’s values

Third of all, Staiy takes pride in its core values, which constitute the essential foundation of the company’s vision. Let us start with Staiy’s core attributes for which it actually stands for: Style, as Staiy honors aesthetics as a creative expression of identity and beauty; Sustainability, as it is the ultimate goal directing Staiy’s mission to contribute to the protection of our home planet and by extension, of perpetuating human life; and finally, AI, as Staiy believes in technological opportunities to offer the most personalized and enjoyable shopping experience to its customers, based on their unique style.

Moving on to the company values, the main ones naturally include sustainability and ethics, which are fundamental to the environmental and social cause Staiy is fighting for; authenticity and quality, which define the standards that the company sets for their associated brands and products; transparency, as the fundamental basis of their brand evaluation and customer relationship; innovation, reflected in the platform’s ability to serve as an online marketplace for genuinely sustainable brands and conscious shoppers; and diversity and inclusion, which are promoted in Staiy’s holistic message of collective acceptance and respect of the human race. These values are implemented throughout the entire production and consumption process, as well as in all stakeholders’ relationships. 

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