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Staiy Edit picks the brains behind our new Staiy Sustainability Evaluation, the sustainability department, which outlines the standards our partner brands are selected against and the new survey that will raise these standards while protecting growing brands. 

Words By Allison Markowski 

December, 11th 2020

At Staiy, we are committed to flipping the fashion industry on its head by bringing together a network of brands working to make sustainable consumption the new normal. The future of the industry is changing, for the good of the people and the planet, spearheaded by trailblazing brands that uphold strict ethical and environmental standards. After 1 year of analysis and sustainability assessment, we have gathered more than 8.000 data points from 160 brands on what a sustainable brand should look like. Our updated survey, the Survey 2.0 is here to make sure that the brand’s values and commitment align with the Staiy’s mission of being a platform, curated for change.

Our standards

At Staiy, brands have always been carefully selected to be a part of our community based on our objective Staiy Sustainability Evaluation. Before joining the platform, brands must answer a questionnaire structured around Staiy’s five pillars of sustainability: water, air, materials, working conditions and supply chain. In the survey, brands are asked to disclose information surrounding their different operational areas, relying on brand transparency to determine an accurate score. The information collected enables Staiy to determine the impact of a brand’s practices on each pillar and its eligibility to join Staiy’s platform based on a calculated sustainability score. 

Staiy is constantly striving to hold itself and its partner brands to a higher standard, while building a diverse group of brands to include on our platform. To better do so, Staiy is updating its Staiy Sustainability Evaluation with the goal of making it more inclusive to small and large brands alike, taking structural differences into account. 

What’s new?

The new and improved Staiy Sustainability Evaluation includes measures to improve inclusivity and accuracy, ensuring our partner brands align with Staiy’s stringent values of sustainability.

More Inclusive

The new survey weighs the size of a company against their evaluation score, leveling the playing field for smaller companies that are making an effort, relative to their size, but are overshadowed by larger brands who can devote more resources to minimizing their ecological footprint.

 By taking into account the time and resources necessary to obtain certain sustainability certifications, Staiy will evaluate small startups on other aspects of their sustainability efforts instead. This will provide them with the chance to join Staiy’s platform prior to having secured such certifications. 

More Extensive

The updated survey comprises over one hundred quantitative and qualitative questions – double that of the original survey. Each question corresponds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our five Pillars: water, air, materials, work conditions and supply chain. The evaluation is most prominently related to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Furthermore, the survey will extensively investigate sustainability along supply chains, requiring brands to provide insight on their involvement with suppliers. This may include the use of social audits, factory visits, policies or other means of monitoring and regulation. 

Based on the information recorded, Staiy’s brand evaluation team allocates both quantitative and qualitative sustainability impact points, which demonstrate a brand’s performance for each of our five pillars. These scores can be accessed on any brand or product profile on, to promote transparency and allow our customers to visualize the impact of their purchase.

More Accurate

Resolving a limitation of the previous survey, brands must now achieve a minimum score for each pillar in order to be considered. This prevents brands from falsely qualifying as sustainable by scoring disproportionately high in one category while receiving low scores in the others. We aspire for all of our brands to meet minimum standards of sustainability along each of our pillars. In case of a brand being unable to meet our benchmark, we do not accept it on the platform. However, we want to support them in their path toward sustainability and we are now creating a consulting service where our team of sustainability experts will help and collaborate with the specific brand to overcome challenges and drive a sustainability operational transformation in the value chain as well as improving governance.

Global standards

The updated Staiy Sustainability Evaluation ensures that Staiy’s partner brands share our commitment to people, the planet and each other. Staiy merged international certificates like GOTS, GRS, ISO standards and Fair trade trade Wear Foundation with well-known indexes like the Higg Index to evaluate life-cycle assessments of materials. The result is a holistic sustainability assessment, which analyzes in-depth a brands’ operations and activities to determine its sustainability across a triple bottom line.

Here are some of the other third-party certifications our survey refers to: