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For all of you who love to workout while protecting mother Earth, this article presents Staiy’s eco-friendly sportswear collection!

Words By Sophie Badaoui


What better way to celebrate your body than through a sweaty, rewarding workout? And what if you could celebrate your body as well as the planet through a sweaty, rewarding workout? The answer lies in this article, sustainable sportswear. Whether you’re going for a run, stretching at home or enjoying a group class, choosing sustainable sportswear will not only protect the environment, but also protect your body, providing you more comfort, improving your performance and leveling up your experience as a whole.

How to get there? Don’t worry, Staiy has once again got your back. We have selected for you the best pieces out there for a unique, mind blowing workout out experience. As you might have guessed, the choice of materials used is extremely important. That is why Staiy’s selection of sportswear include garments made from Tencel Modal for example, which is extracted from the naturally grown beechwood and is a great alternative to synthetic fabrics due to its efficient use of energy and natural resources. On top of it, it is antibacterial, durable and biodegradable.

Let us start with the Iron Roots Beechwood Performance T-Shirt. In a sharp cobalt blue color, this piece is designed to give you maximum comfort and enhance your performance. Indeed, the beechwood in the fabric provides softness as well as antibacterial properties, and the organic cotton increases comfort as it fits your body perfectly and allows you to practice your movement as freely as possible. Designed in the Netherlands and produced in Portugal, this shirt is made of 50% tencel modal and 50% organic cotton.

Then, get seduced by the Casagin Be.GiN man’s sport shorts. Featured in the Be.Life collection of the brand Casagin, these black running shorts are worth gold! Indeed, with a classic fit and a comfortable feel, they are made of an innovative Green Performing 2.0 fabric. This fabric is constituted of fiber that has a high biodegradability, assuring its decomposition within 3 to 5 years. These shorts are also extremely breathable as they evaporate sweat easily, and dry extremely quickly to maximize endurance. To allow a flowing movement, they have a large slit on both sides, made with a refined four-needle technique. You will also find a snug pant on the inside, along with a pocket to store your smartphone and your keys. Ideal for outdoor sports activities, such as tennis, trekking and of course, running!

For a cold and chilly weather such as in the early morning, in the evening or even during winter days, you cannot go wrong with the Iron Roots Unisex Hemp Performance Hoodie. This multi-occasion gray hoodie is made of 30% hemp, which is a natural antibacterial that keeps your body warm without making you sweat, thanks to its medium thickness . It is also made of 70% organic cotton, which matches well with hemp as it makes it softer, lighter and more comfortable. Perfect for an early run in the park before starting your day!

A must have in your sportswear wardrobe is, naturally, the leggings. Check out Casagin’s Be.GiN man’s sport high compression leggings, featured in their Be.Performance collection. The brand’s Green Performing 2.0 fabric ensures breathability and guarantees muscle oxygenation, which then reduces the production of lactic acid in the body. In terms of design, these leggings show an essential line with a mid-rise waist, and an agreeable abdominal belt to increase comfort and therefore, performance. As they fit extremely well into your body and are produced with muscle-containing properties, they will keep you warm and will be your best friend when it comes to stretching at the gym or showing off your skills on the athletic field.

Finally, less common than the previous pieces but worth mentioning, the Casagin Be.GiN Buff Black. This neckwarmer might actually make the whole difference in your workouts! Composed of 82% biodegradable nylon and 18% elastan, it is part of the brand’s Be.Life collection and promotes lightness, comfort and high breathability; you won’t even feel it! This neckwarmer is multi-usage as you can also put it on as a mask during your training session.

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