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A driving force of sustainable fashion is the fusion of innovation and creativity at the service of the environment. Today, Staiy shares its selection of zero waste bags and backpacks, highlighting the use of sustainable, recycled and waste materials to produce practical yet stylish pieces. 

Words By Sophie Badaoui 


Staiy strikes again with its carefully picked zero waste bags and backpacks. As their name suggests, these precious pieces are not only practical, but also innovative and eco-friendly, as their production and use aim to minimize environmental waste and promote sustainability. In this article, the selected products are characterized by three major criterias: quality, practicality, and sustainability. Indeed, they are made of sustainable materials such as recycled leather, vegan leather, by-products from the meat industry, and even algae foam, which is produced by combining excess harvested algae with other materials. Through the following list, Staiy invites each of us to think and shop mindfully when it comes to bags and backpacks, because the zero waste option is now available!

KINTOBE – ALEX, black 

The Danish brand Kintobe presents Alex, a neat, functional backpack, perfect for traveling or carrying around in the city. Designed as a roll-top bag, it offers plenty of space as well as a back opening and many inside pockets, which makes it extremely practical to pack many items in the most organized way possible.

Moreover, the extra padding and chest strap provides additional comfort, taking the carrying experience to a whole new level. Its classic black color blends in well with any given outfit and environment, and is suitable for any given context.

As Kintobe produces its goods using waste and plastic picked up from landfills and the sea, it is unsurprising that Alex’s fabric is made from 100% recycled nylon waste. The lining, webbing, buckles, mesh and zipper pullers are made of 100% recycled plastic.

Aligned with all Kintobe products, Alex’s materials meet premium quality as they are durable, and practicality as they are water repellent. All these features make Alex the ideal traveling bag, and undeniably, your best friend for an outdoor sports day such as trekking in the mountains, or a touristic day in a new, exciting city.


Kintobe is not done surprising us. Their KURT belt bag is another gem of their collection. Danish signatured, waterproof and unquestionably practical, this bag has the ideal dimensions to carry your essential items, such as your smartphone, your keys, your ID card or passport, some money, and perhaps a few other personal belongings that you can’t go out without.

The idea is to give you freedom and convenience without worrying about holding it with your hands or breaking your shoulders while carrying it. These features make the KURT belt bag ideal for festivals, techno raves, or any other long time event. This unisex piece comes in green with a coral belt for a fresh, colored look, or in black with a green belt for a more classical, timeless look.

In terms of materials, the outer fabric and lining is from 600D recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, producing this bag required 5 recycled plastic bottles of 550ml, picked up from landfills or the sea. With an included strap inside of it, you can carry this bag over your shoulder, across the chest or around your waist.

KMANA – The Chatwin Backpack

This magnificent piece is not all about aesthetics and quality leather, it actually tells a story. Indeed, this bag is a tribute to Bruce Chatwin, considered one of the greatest and most inspiring modern travelers of our time, and a true Renaissance man.

Handcrafted in Indonesia, the Chatwin Backpack from KMANA has a simple yet sophisticated look. Its essence is highlighted in the timelessness of its design, and the quality and color of its leathery fabric.

Made of vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, it has a folded top that closes with a buckled strap, inside pockets with ample space, as well as a hand woven Rang Rang from Nusa Penida. This treasure comes in tawny brown or black, giving it a refined edge, and an unmistakable elegance that would make the least fashionable traveler look like a famous British journalist.

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