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Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser. Repeat. Staiy’s top serum recommendations for a year-long glowing skin.

Words By Sohila Ahmed


With the abundance of skincare products, it is sometimes hard to figure out which product you actually need. This is the case for serums…you might often wonder what makes a serum different from a moisturiser; they both do the same thing, right? Wrong. A serum is made up of much smaller particles than a moisturiser that catalyse skin penetration, giving a longer lasting effect. Water based or oil based, serums are intended to tackle specific skin issues such as wrinkles, acne or discolouration; while a moisturiser is mainly to hydrate the skin and lock-in the serum, for example. 

However, this is no reason to toss all your moisturisers away! True, some serums also act on hydrating the skin, but applied before a moisturiser, they will boost the moisturiser’s effect too. Now you can say hello to your new favourite addition to your face routine, as Staiy presents some of its best skin serums.

Serum 1: Malinna – Skin Serum Rose

First on the list is the Malinna rosewood-infused skin serum. This one can be applied to the face and the whole body! It acts as a cleanser and can be a replacement for cleansing foam. The rosewood essential oil will help prevent wrinkles, renew your skin and its aroma will keep you feeling calm and relaxed. It is made of organic and essential oils, and natural sea salts. Due to its high antioxidant concentration, it is recommended to put only a small amount for a truly youthful stress-free glow. Simply apply a few drops on damp skin, massage it while avoiding the eye area, then rinse. For sensitive skin, it is not recommended to leave it on the face. For acne and inflammatory areas, you can leave the serum for a while before washing to help dry out the affected areas, but do not leave it on unaffected areas. 

Find it on Staiy: Malinna – Skin Serum Rose

Serum 2: Mademoiselle Kelapa Vitamin C serum

This vitamin C rich serum may come in a petite package, but it will surely do wonders for your skin. Mademoiselle Kelapa prides itself on its 100% natural ingredients. The serum is completely natural with anti-aging properties and a sweet tropical aroma to relieve any kind of stress. Vitamin C helps tighten the pores and heal any scars or rashes, while the essential oils help keep blackheads and acne under control. You can simply apply it to a clean, dry face or mix it with a day cream if you have dry skin. The serum will immediately penetrate your skin leaving it with a non-sticky, soft and glowing feel. 

Find it on Staiy: Mademoiselle Kelapa – Vitamin C Serum 

Serum 3: WHAMISA FRESH Cactus Bouncy Serum

Next on the list is the vegan Whamisa’s new Fresh Cactus serum, winner of the Buduaar beauty award for “natural cosmetics”. This is the cruelty-free alternative to snail mucin. Other than containing over 99% organic ingredients, the bouncy serum works on skin elasticity and radiance, while the essential fatty acids found in cactus mucilage keep your skin moisturised and glowing for around 48 hours! Gently pat it on cleansed skin until it gets absorbed and follow with a moisturiser to lock all those minerals in.

Find it on Staiy: WHAMISA – Fresh Cactus Bouncy Serum

Serum 4: Eywa – Anti-age Hydrating Serum

Last product on this list is the Eywa anti-age serum, featuring prickly pear leaves and purified chlorella algae which produce an effect similar to that of hyaluronic acid. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid to retain water and keep tissues well lubricated which leads to a smooth plump skin. Unfortunately, as we age, the concentration of the hyaluronic acid decreases. However, Eywa’s anti-aging serum can prolong the days of a glowing wrinkle-free skin, as it focuses on improving skin elasticity and firmness. Massage the serum on a clean face until it’s absorbed, then add moisturiser. Recommended to apply in the morning and the evening. 

Find it on Staiy: Eywa – Anti-age Hydrating Serum 

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