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Photography & Pieces from Fortunale

October, 30th 2020

Fortunale delivers in every aspect of their brand. They design and create quality wool products with the intention of “creating the best natural sweater in the world”. Founded on the principles of circular fashion, this brand aims to change the status quo within fashion by producing products that are kind to the planet, from inception to creation.

Words By Shannon Rice

As the months turn colder and we turn to warmer layers, it is important to be mindful of where our most coveted wool pieces are coming from. A new brand joining Staiy’s mission, Fortunale, is designing and creating quality wool products with the intention of “creating the best natural sweater in the world”. With circularity at the core of their label, this brand produces garments that, unlike current production methods in the fashion industry, do not damage the planet and its animals.

Photography & Pieces from Fortunale

In this era of fast fashion, it is rare to see a sweater, beanie or scarf made from 100% organic wool. Fortunale is dedicated to delivering this premium quality without compromising its morals and vision of a circular economy. Their attention to detail is astounding. From the tags to the tissue paper used in their packaging, they are proud to say that 80% of the materials used can be recycled and given back to the earth. 

Fortunale delivers in every aspect of their brand. It all starts with the rearing of their Italian sheep. Animal rearing is a process that, by nature, is not environmentally conscious. Where Fortunale sets itself apart is that their sheep are tended to every day with the utmost care. As a result, the sheep provide purer and more superior wool fibers. In the dyeing process, they use over 200 different dyes, all of 100% natural origin. The use of such dyes dates back to ancient times, where flowers, berries, leaves and other gifts from nature were used. The use of pure wool in conjunction with these dyes creates a final product that is kinder to the planet and kinder to human skin. 

Layering up in these wholesomely fabricated pieces, the touch of the soft, organic fibers brings awareness to the brand’s production process and the care taken to make these garments. This consciousness is critical in developing sustainable practices. Fortunale is taking major steps in delivering quality and thoughtfulness into the whole life cycle of their garments.