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Inspired by nature and driven by sustainability, the Italian high quality knitwear brand, Natyoural, was launched with the aim of providing unique, sophisticated designs that do not compromise the integrity of the production process.

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam 

December, 16th 2020

Active in the textile industry since 1936, Dario Casalini comes from a long heritage of Italian textiles. A former university public law professor, it was in 2016 that Casalini, along with Giorgio Spina, decided to continue the family business. Placing environmental and social sustainability at the core of the company, the mission of the brand was clear: they wanted to “bring human beings back into harmony with the nature that hosts [them]”. They wanted to bring you back into natural, and so Natyoural was born.


Natyoural draws its inspiration from two places: nature and culture. Casalini calls nature the brand’s muse, and says that the aim is to help restore harmony between humans and nature. Central to Natyoural is the idea that nature does not belong to us, but is only entrusted to us. This is why Casalini says that they only “borrow [Earth’s gifts] to turn them into unique, natural garments for the well-being of your skin”. 

In their designs, the brand draws on colours and forms found in nature. This is evident in their FW20 collection. The knit sweater, which is available in a soft brown shade, is aptly called ‘Beaver’. The organic flow of the sleeves and shape of the neck are both reminiscent of compositions found in nature. Natyoural wants to push their customers beyond ‘trends’ to an elegant style “that lasts over time”. 


Travel, fine arts, architecture, the theatre; Casalini tells us that “any figurative, literary or musical expression influences [their] creative work.” The result is “quality that can be both sensed and seen”. The modern, edgy cut of their FW20 coat, paired with the elegant colour combination of beige and black with a dusty rose pink, exudes an aura of sophistication and is a nod towards the appreciation of the arts. Natyoural designs are constantly adapting. Casalini states that they are open to changing within their own style as “the variables of fashion are endless and constantly evolving”.


Natyoural believes that sustainability is a concept that dates back centuries and exists in every culture “because man’s desire to live in peace and harmony with nature is engraved in his DNA”. All Natyoural garments are made entirely in Italy from recyclable, biodegradable natural fibres, with raw materials certified to protect both environmental and human health. 

Casalini believes in “continuous research between tradition and innovation,” as well as transparency and accountability. Which is why all Natyoural garments proudly carry RFID technology, guaranteeing the traceability of “the complete production process.” All of this ensures that their garments are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. Beyond that, Natyoural makes sure that their pieces are produced with respect for the workers whilst promoting the local community know-how.

The production and packaging of the garments are also sustainable. Natyoural uses renewable energy in the production process while also reducing its packaging to a minimum. The brand makes great use of bioplastic bags. These bags are “obtained from the maceration of sugar cane waste”, a process which instead of producing CO₂, absorbs it. The rate of CO₂ absorption through bioplastic is five times the rate of CO₂ production from petroleum derived plastic.

With their unique, sophisticated designs and focus on environmental and social sustainability, Natyoural fits comfortably at Staiy. Its continued commitment towards both humans and nature makes it a brand worth keeping an eye out for. Share your love for culture and invest in a sustainable item that will quickly become an outfit staple by heading over to to browse the Natyoural FW20 collection!

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