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February, 17th 2021

 After their unique launch of Raffia shoes, Hanishken is ready to surprise Staiy with their latest collection of handcrafted knits.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

On a trip to Morocco back in 2017, Hannah Kuklinski, inspired by local vendors on the Marrakech streets, was enchanted by the “babouches”, the typical raffia shoes crafted with attention and naturalness by Moroccan vendors. When she came back to Germany, she decided to found Hanishken with her first online shop. Today her brand has expanded, it includes a high quality range of handcrafted knitwear, it has gained international recognition, and their blog inspires everyone with the newest trends from the sustainable fashion scene.

By establishing a valuable relationship with a shoe workshop in Essaouira, the birthplace of babouches, Hanishken partners with a Moroccan family business that crafts raffia items, where four artisans ensure that every pair of shoes is handmade as a unique work. Led by Redouane, the chief shoemaker, the babouches are made with 100% natural materials. Fibers from the raffia palm are used for the outer level, non-slip rubbers for the outsole, while the insole is made of sustainable vegan synthetic leather, to keep the feet warm and comfortable. 

Their newest collection includes soft and bright-colored knitwear, striped sweaters, or pullovers featuring delicate colors, such as baby blues or warm pinks. These pieces are perfect for layering up during winter time, or as a statement piece for sunny early spring days. Handmade in Germany and Italy, made of 100% Tencel (Lyocell), the items can be ordered online and will be knitted upon request, requiring a waiting time of approximately ten days before the final delivery.

The relationship with their suppliers is based on fair contracts, where human conditions and fair wages are protected extensively by both parties. More than anything, what matters for Kuklinski is love. Love for the people, the job and the environment. Sustainability extends to all aspects of the products: for each order, the babouches are placed in a reusable natural cotton bag and delivered in cardboard boxes, which are always reused if possible. As the brand claims: “After all, the inner values ​​also count.”

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