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Sustainability is a common goal. Governments, companies, people and non-governmental organisations have a crucial role as part of an engaged community. At staiy, we take part in this commitment by selling sustainable pieces and generating responsible consumption consciousness.

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


A better world, a sustainable place

Living in a better world, a place that can last for generations, is a common goal shared by the entire globe. However, over the past ten years, there has been significantly accelerated changes, such as extreme temperatures, floods, wildfires, and the melting of glaciers, to name a few. 

These problems call for urgent actions, initiatives that can start with one or two individuals and lead to a movement or lifestyle towards a sustainable and long-lasting world.

Creating an engaged community

The key to a sustainable world is working together. This means that every one of us, governments, residents, companies and NGOs, has a role in taking action as part of an engaged community

There have been significant steps in expanding this engaged community. For instance, interactions between international bodies and people, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, brought citizens from all over the world to discuss environmental problems and their possible solutions. Moreover, municipalities and residents’ cooperation has been increasing lately. For example, creating recycling systems and teaching people how to make more sustainable choices are topics discussed frequently in city halls and public events, such as the recycling open events organized by the municipality of Los Angeles that brought residents together with one common interest: Caring for the environment. Companies’ engagement is also a crucial element, particularly because, since the industrial revolution, businesses have never ceased to be a source of work and pollution.

On the one hand, companies are currently taking steps towards a more sustainable business model and trying to balance profits and sustainable choices. On the other hand, clients are becoming highly exigent and are not setting themselves up for companies that do not respect the environment and act ethically. 

Companies now have an opportunity to be an agent of change and work for a world that does not need to be remembered only in pictures, but one that the generations can actually enjoy.

Staiy, a company engaged to the change

Staiy’s community is made of stakeholders of international partner brands, clients, employees and consumers. This community continues growing thanks to one clear objective: selling sustainable and ethically made pieces of clothes and beauty products. 

We are a sustainable marketplace, a business that aims to be more sustainable every day. We work with brands that share the same environmental values; this is a key element for them to join us and build partnerships. 

Besides the work we do with our partner brands, we aim to raise awareness among our clients in sustainable fashion and lifestyle. The goal is to encourage them to change their daily consumption habits by teaching them about product disposal, production waste and recycling, for example. 

We believe that better and conscious customer consumption can lead to more responsible choices and, thus, sustainable practices.

The community we are creating between our partners and clients is vital to contribute to a world where companies can generate and promote environmental consciousness. Moreover, it proves that business and sustainability are not opposites and that engagement at all levels can lead to a change.

At Staiy, we think that unity makes strength and that community engagement is a strong statement when we work towards a more sustainable world.