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Luxurious, sustainable and sexy…what more could you want? Staiy welcomes Chitè, a brand responsible for the revolution of lingerie. Founded by female designers Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi, Chitè are on a mission to create sustainable lingerie that doesn’t compromise on fit nor style.

Words By Jen McDonald

December, 23rd 2020

Are you looking to spice up your lockdown lingerie game? Then look no further than Chitè Lingerie.

Why not treat yourself to a new set of underwear from an eco-friendly brand because after all, what can be sexier than feeling empowered as well as saving the planet?

Underwear shouldn’t be overlooked as an important part of your wardrobe, nor should sexy undergarments be worn only to please men. You should buy it to make yourself feel confident, empowered and desirable. Not only that, it’s always a good investment and your underwear drawer will thank you for it. Every woman should invest in some silky self-love to satisfy their soul!

If you are a lingerie lover then you will love Chitè, they are a brand that is enchanting in every way. They are not just your regular sustainable undies brand, they are bringing sexy back whilst saving the planet! To Chitè, underwear isn’t just an essential part of a women’s wardrobe, it is made by women for women. Their mission is to make women feel like a million dollars whilst wearing it. All items are luxurious and handcrafted in Italy by expert Italian artisans, they are manufactured to have a softer impact on the world being a slow fashion brand.


What make Chitè different, you say? Well they are the first underwear brand to offer a custom-made service “MyChitè” to their customers. This adds a magical personalised touch which allows consumers to create the lingerie of their dreams. Customers can choose undergarments to fit their body shape adding in measurements, choosing any fabrics, colour and even pick their own embroidery to create one off bespoke pieces.

“Luxury today is not a statement but a feeling, anything that
truly makes you feel good and able to do something solely for yourself”


Who are the masterminds behind this luxurious brand? Chitè was founded by female designers Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi. Whilst spending a weekend in Paris and getting dressed for the day they realised they were both wearing the same underwear from a fast fashion brand. “This struck a common reasoning not only on the impact of fast fashion in our lives but also, and foremost, on how much women have changed over the past few decades,” says the founders. From that moment on gone was their fast fashion undies and Chitè was born.

Chitè are an underwear brand that are sophisticated and affordable. They create pieces that are the perfect medicine to give you that self-love boost! Using the most precious fabrics like satin, velvet and tulle, they are perfect for starting your day by making you feel amazing and comfortable too. Chitè takes a responsible approach to production and only produces small run capsule collections each month to reduce waste. Their product ranges are luxurious, unique and fun. One of their bestselling pieces is their “Lovers Knickers” which come with powerful slogans including “Soft and Dangerous”, “Ok but first Coffee” and “More Self Love”. They also offer a range of “lover customizable knickers” which allows customers to decide what statement they want on their high quality briefs. What a great idea to voice a powerful message on your briefs!


Life is too short to wear boring underwear, so whether you are looking for that satin and lace bralette or a soft velvet set, Chitè has the perfect gift for you. Here at Staiy we have fallen head over heels in love with Chitè. If you are looking to join the self-love club then look no further than Chitè Lingerie!

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