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Italy is known worldwide for its heritage, Renaissance art, delicious food and luxury fashion. Evidently, Italians are good at many things. But what about sustainability? Here, Staiy introduces five eco-friendly luxury brands Made in Italy.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

December, 21st 2020


An eco-friendly and luxury fashion brand with a charming name, Poethica, was founded by a group of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs: Jose Luis Toniutti, Naomi Enetomhe, and Rebeca Duran. Stylish and delicate, this brand was created to inspire a conscious approach to being fashionable. Adopting innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact, the Italian label uses materials certified by GOTS that have been produced under fair working conditions. Poethica’s fabrics are designed by conscientious production partners across many countries following ancient, traditional methods. Additionally, Poethica strives to give garments a second life through up-cycling practices, as well as priding itself in being plastic-free. With every purchase, the brand donates 3.3% of its profits to planet-orientated foundations and NGOs such as Greenpeace and Goodplanet Foundation.


This luxury brand is nestled within the Umbrian hills, near the medieval Italian city of Narni. All collections are designed in their independent atelier, where they have set up a small-scale, local, and sustainable production line using organic materials. By sourcing and producing their garments within a single region, VALIGI supports the local Umbrian economy and causes minimal transportation pollution. With each new seasonless and nature-inspired collection, VALIGI tells their consumers a story based on ethics and aesthetics. This unique Italian brand strives to transmit its own vision on how to respect nature and be passionate and dedicated to the entire manufacturing process.

Souldaze Collection

This sustainable fashion brand Made in Italy was founded in 2015 by Domitilla Mattei, a talented emerging designer whose environmental awareness within the fashion industry drove her to conceive a brand that reflects her beliefs. All their garments are designed and produced in Rome by a passionate team of expert seamstresses. The mission of Souldaze Collection focuses on delivering conscious fashion from high-quality materials and manufacturing to offer limited edition collections. Following the latest fashion trends with an ethically-minded approach, the company limits its environmental impact by favoring natural, recycled, surplus, and vintage fabrics.

Aim | handmade in Italy

Aim is a young brand that creates sustainable bags from up-cycled leather. Inspired by clean lines, minimalist designs, and the 70s era, this brand believes in product durability that can be passed from generation to generation. The company abdicates the overwhelming pressure to consume more by eliminating the concept of seasonality and returning to a slower pace of consumption. Aim approaches sustainability by targeting the overproduction of leather. By acquiring leftover or unwanted leather goods, the brand is minimising the demand for more leather. Transparency between the brand and its customers is one of the company’s main goals. In the future, Aim intends to explore the use of alternative materials such as felt from recycled wool or other natural fibers such as Piñatex or Apple Skin.


“Even before I could walk, I was fascinated by shoes,” says Alfredo Pīferi, the founder of Pīferi, an eco-friendly brand that creates elegant, luxury cruelty-free shoes. Their pumps, boots, sandals, cutaway mules, and elegant flats are made of 100% vegan leather. The brand puts exceptional craftsmanship and striking sculptural designs on par with its dedication to protecting our planet’s resources and all of its creatures. While Pīferi’s headquarters are London-based, the entire collection of shoes is Made in Italy in Parabiago, a small town outside Milan. There, the details in the designs and the dignity of the artisans are valued above all else. The decorative elements of Pīferi shoes – the detachable Prima Donna ruffled coquette, cheeky red toe tips, and twinkling shoe “bracelets” – are also carefully created by the Pīferi team with a devotion to purity and an elegant simplicity.