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On World Earth Day, the Florentine maison Salvatore Ferragamo has announced the launch of its new sustainable online platform.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez


Sustainable Community

The issue of sustainability concerns not only young environment-oriented brands, but also well-established luxury goods companies. Thus, Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo recently launched a new online platform called “Sustainable Thinking”, where users can discuss topics devoted to fashion, sustainable consumption or inclusivity, as well as get community support. The platform is already available in eight languages on the official website of the Italian fashion house as well as optimized for all existing digital devices. The Italian company has also revamped its webpage dedicated to sustainability with themed elements that embrace 360-degree environmental thinking.
“Sustainable Thinking” is therefore a new digital platform that brings together our responsible projects and the brand in a single conceptual space, sparking discussion through an international network of participants with different backgrounds and perspectives who come together to discuss the continuous evolution of sustainable development issues,” shared the Ferragamo fashion house in press.

It is no secret that creativity, innovation and impeccable craftsmanship have been the core values ​​of the Salvatore Ferragamo brand since its inception, and are tangible elements in the design and production of each of its pieces. The brand’s deep ties to the local region, its culture and society, have instilled in Salvatore Ferragamo an even greater understanding of the need for a sincere and serious commitment to protecting the places he works in and the people who work for him – a commitment that goes beyond simply complying with national and international laws, standards and regulations.
Besides, Salvatore Ferragamo has always placed environmental sustainability at the forefront of its development policy. In order to do so, the Group strives to protect the environment through strategies and initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of its activities on the planet. Confirming its commitment to environmental sustainability, Salvatore Ferragamo has joined the Fashion Pact, a coalition of 60+ global leading companies from the fashion and textile industry formed to set strategic, tangible goals to reduce the environmental impact of this important industry.



Create a dialogue

In the end, the new “Sustainable Thinking” project aims to use the Internet in a different way, with an emphasis on “dialogue and openness”. As a matter of fact, the fashion house defines dialogue as a core aspect of sustainability and inclusivity, where culture in symbiosis with innovation plays a crucial role. In addition, the Italian company declared the “Sustainable Thinking” platform as the starting point charted to achieve the overall goal of a more sustainable and multifaceted future.