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Are you looking for a conditioner that is healthy for you and the environment? Sendo can help with that!

Words By Ella van Niekerk


Do you ever dream about having the type of hair that can make jaws drop and heads turn every time you leave the house (or have an online meeting)? We do too. We also care about what products you put in your hair and how they impact you and our environment. The solution is simple … CONDITIONER. However, it is not just any conditioner that can achieve this, but one that can transform dry, dull hair into supple, stylish strands. A super-conditioner from people who not only care about your hair but care about the environment too. 

Finding the right conditioner for your hair is a challenge in itself. Finding a conditioner that is eco-organic and doesn’t cause damage to our planet is an even bigger, nearly impossible challenge. Luckily, we have got you covered! We even have a few suggestions to help with your search, conditioners that are healthier for your hair – and our planet.

Made in Italy, Sendo formulates exceptional conditioners that focus on your individual hair needs, to create the quality we all deserve. Driven by passion and experience, Sendo produces eco-organic, vegan and cruelty-free products that your hair will love you for!

Color Protection Hair Conditioner

Natural hair products are known to increase the lifespan of colored hair. This Color Protection Hair Conditioner is for anyone who has any form of color-treated hair and wants to keep their color brighter and stronger for as long as possible! As you would expect, the Color Protection Hair Conditioner works distinctly to prolong the life and strength of color. With a combination of lemon, apple, and goji berry extracts, it works to fight oxidative stress and performs as a detangling agent. 

Taming Hair Conditioner

The Taming Hair Conditioner comes from Sendo’s Frizz Control line and, as its name indicates, is for anyone who is looking for quality formulations that control frizz. Consequently, it makes styling easier, even in humid weather! With biotechnological extracts and organic oat, the Taming Hair Conditioner leaves hair shiny and makes combing almost effortless. 

Hydrating Hair Conditioner

The Hydrating Hair Conditioner is part of the All Care line and is suitable for frequent use and washing (athletes, this one is a dream!). This moisturizing and conditioning treatment is famous for trouble-free detangling, leaving the hair soft and light. The chicory and rose extracts create a perfectly gentle formula that is delicate on the hair and scalp.

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