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If you’re looking to shop sustainably, these brands are the way to go; placing sustainability and ethical production at their core.

Words By Rebecca Jacoby 


Staiy has partnered with a multitude of brands but there are a few that stand out in their practices. Been London and Woman of Vegan are the highest rated sustainable brands in Staiy’s collection, having scored 70% and 67% respectively.

Been London

BEEN London, founded by ex-BBC political journalist Genia Mineeva, launched in 2020 and have been creating recycled bags from sustainable leather ever since. They focus on making what was once waste beautiful, by using materials ranging from apple skins and discarded clothes to single use plastic bottles to make bags. This innovative approach has allowed them to gain a sustainability score of 95 in their materials. They create items from recycled leather, regenerated Nylon, recycled cotton, vegan pineapple leather, recycled polyester, vegan apple skin leather and recycled felt. 

In order to even further add to their already sustainably sourced materials, their designs consist only of squares and rectangular panels which allows their production process to produce close to no waste at all. They also work to ensure their supply chain remains sustainable and ethical by working with suppliers owned by women and members of vulnerable, marginalized social groups. Their manufacturing process combines traditional leather without using harmful adhesives and they recycle 95% of the water used in the process. They also place emphasis on the potentially harmful impact of products ending up in landfills by giving their customers free repairs if needed, working on establishing a buy back scheme and overall incentivising their customers to consume less.

Woman of Vegan

Woman of Vegan is a sustainable, nature-inspired slow fashion brand founded in 2018 by Berlin based artist and sustainable fashion enthusiast Ana Molinari. The brand advocates for more conscious consumerism in the fashion industry and has built its production process around keeping each step sustainable and designing every piece with value and purpose. Through their fashion, they aim to support people in becoming friendlier to the planet and to the animals. 

They use only organic, ecological and recycled fibers with low impact on the environment and are naturally both vegan and gentle on the skin, so their products are kind to you and the world you live in. These materials naturally demand less water and natural resources for production and cultivation and they are able to conserve 71% more water than regular cotton production through their use of organic cotton. They work closely with manufacturers to implement plastic-free and biodegradable packaging and also place great value on working with smaller suppliers, since this goes hand in hand with their support of small businesses.

Each of these brands has placed sustainability at its center and they take unique approaches to making sure that each step of their production process allows them to achieve this goal. Má Hemp Wear, in making use of a material as versatile and eco-friendly as hemp in their textiles, comes out on top amongst these already impressively green brands.