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Fontana Records

Sit back, pour your favorite drink into a glass, and put your favorite headphones on – today, Fontana Record is in our lens!

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez


Fontana Records Logo

Fontana Records:
an independent House Label

Fontana Records is a house and electronic music collective based across Europe and headquartered in sunny Barcelona. Joining our Staiy Sounds community with their innovative and sustainable sound, this young label has already won the hearts of house music lovers. They create a charismatic groove with that raw feeling which brings their community back to the sweaty club that has been greatly missed during the pandemic. When asked how they came up with the idea of ​​creating their own label, the founders of the band, DJ Giorgio Trisciani and multi-instrumentalist Dan Mutch, nostalgically replied: “We founded Fontana when we came to town as foreigners, united by our love of producing music. We quickly decided to start combining our efforts through an independent house label.” Faced with a global pandemic and local lockdowns, the young musicians found their label growing while international artists in Europe were getting frustrated, as they were unable to collaborate with each other. Fontana has now become a new international label for producers and musicians because of the necessity to create together and express themselves despite our situation.

The brand name has a symbolic origin. Fontana is an inexhaustible source of musical refreshment. Just like “Fontana”, a public water fountain that serves the Romans, the Barcelona-based project is aimed at showing an unlimited presence of music in the life of young artists, whether it is playing on the rack, on synthesizer machines or on drum machines. “The water fountain, a rather old-fashioned concept, also demonstrates to us the importance of respecting the great grooving masters who came before us and inspire us every day,” the musicians add. “It’s important for us to keep this music alive by paying tribute to those who came before us, and to refresh the music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s for our peers.”

Fontana Records

Fontana Records

“Every second we have some kind of music playing, and when we don’t, it means that this moment the music is being created”

Clear rhythm, commitment to work, and complete immersion in the process – those three valuable items are what their team building is based on. “Always continue to play” – I think this phrase ideally describes the daily atmosphere in our team”, share the musicians. “Every second we have some kind of music playing, and when we don’t, it means that this moment the music is being created”, proudly declares the collective. For them, it’s all about music, which requires many hours of hard work. Nevertheless, the music itself is always rewarding enough.

“Faced with an unsustainable fashion industry, Staiy has confirmed that changing attitudes is a crucial gesture to push things in the right direction”

Dan & Giorgio

Believe in change

The reason why Fontana decided to join Staiy Sounds community is based on the idea of a future that still holds all the things we love.
Just like
Staiy, Fontana is a collective of like-minded people with a common goal to raise awareness of what can be done via the sustainable use of resources we already have. “Staiy stands out to us because you are collaborating to make a difference and create a more bright future” share the brand founders.
“Faced with an unsustainable fashion industry, Staiy has confirmed that changing attitudes is a crucial gesture to push things in the right direction” they both continue, adding that Fontana believes in change and taking action to make that possible.

“Music is an endless dialogue”

“In addition, music is an endless dialogue”, Trisciani pursues.
“Regardless of whether you are a DJ, a musician or a fan, everyone has always something to say, and that is why music is a great tool”.
Mutch explains that it is perhaps why people are working together for music on the Internet, now more than ever.
“The musical distribution almost completely moved on the Internet, which means that people can connect with artists easier than ever, and with online forums dedicated to certain genres and artists, there is more space than ever to talk about it.
It really opened the door for labels, such as Fontana, and took a step in the right direction, putting music in the hands of regular people and encouraging what it was always about: combining people” admits Mutch.

Sustainable Music

When they asked how they determine sustainability, and whether sustainability and music could somehow be linked, the Barcelona-based musicians respond that it can be defined by a conscious way of living, so it is good both for humans and the environment. “Reuse and recycling are extremely important, no matter if it’s a garment or music itself” declare both brand founders. 

Future Perspectives

In the future, Fontana Records aim to expand their presence in the digital market, developing their label across Europe and beyond. They plan to create new releases to increase their streaming on multiple platforms and form a larger network of loyal audiences.