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THE WAY WE ARE, THE WAY WE WORK: Brands Evaluation at Staiy

October, 30th 2020

To ‘sustain’ means to ‘maintain’ and ‘uphold’. At Staiy, sustainability is not just a part of our storytelling… Our aim is to engage with production practices that are regenerative both for the environment and the people. In the Brands Evaluation department, we certify that each engagement is valid. We ensure the brands we partner with live up to our standards and align with our mission: accelerating the transition towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Words By Elisa Felici 

Staiy is the online marketplace where sustainability, aesthetics and technology meet. What we advocate is driven by a deep understanding of the limitations that exist within society’s current production systems: the way we have lived, consumed and produced to this day can no longer be sustained. What we need is new ideas and approaches to innovate what we know and love to do. 

As such, Staiy’s mission to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable lifestyle begins, among other things, with the sustainable practices we promote, and the brands we welcome on our platform. 

Developed by the Brands Evaluation team, the Staiy Sustainability Questionnaire certifies that the brands under evaluation visibly live up to our standards and views. It is thanks to the team’s critical research, determination and curiosity, that Staiy can ‘meet’ the brands it will work with.

“We care about the details. We do not automatically ‘approve’ if a brand provides a certification ensuring a sustainable supply chain. We research the standards for that certification, taking into consideration all stakeholders involved in production”

(Brands Evaluation Team Member)

Structured around five pillars of sustainability – Water, Air, Materials, Working Conditions and Supply Chain – the questionnaire is submitted to each potential brand before joining the platform. Within each pillar, we investigate the impact each brand’s practices are having. We evaluate water usage in production, air pollution, the origins of raw materials used, the quality of working conditions, and the supply chain management.

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where current brand ‘transparency’ does not allow consumers to access the ‘behind the scenes’ information of how things are made; This is where Staiy comes in

(Brands Evaluation Team Member)

Our Questionnaire dives deep into the critical aspects of what it really means to be sustainable. Our approach is not only qualitative. The Questionnaire provides an analytical and quantifiable method to assess the brand footprint across its entire value chain. With an extensive selection of questions, each survey determines how sustainable a brand is by formulating the brand’s total score based on its answers. Every aspect is fundamentally interconnected. At Staiy, we do not envision each pillar as a separate entity. Each question in the survey links to one of the 17 internationally adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Beyond forming the basis of our questions, Staiy’s incorporation of the SDGs facilitates our platform’s participation in a larger stream of change, where one action propagates a ripple effect within society .

While disclosing operational information under each pillar ensures a good level of transparency between us and the brand, we value the information we receive. The more innovative the responses we gather, the more our motivation and commitment to grow. We know there are great practices and ideas out there, they simply need the chance to emerge within today’s business world. Our goal is to grant those brands that opportunity.

“I believe it is in our department that we prove the point Staiy wants to make. As we learn about sustainability, whether it’s about the materials, techniques of production, or energy saving mechanisms, we understand it is precisely about this topic that we need to ask producers all around us. I love that my time and effort is devoted to this”

(Brands Evaluation Team Member)

Commitment is a value that can take many forms. The way our engagement translates, instead, is highly dependent on the goal we wish to achieve. What Staiy strives for is the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. This means ensuring the activities we promote will not harm our future. What society needs to establish is a middle ground between production, consumption and sustainability. It is in that middle ground that Staiy operates. We promote quality by sharing the powerful and beautiful stories of unique brands. Our partners share our commitment. Thanks to the Brands Evaluation Department, Staiy Sustainability Questionnaire is our way of knowing that the brands we work with are aligned and engaged with our principles of conscious consumption and regenerative production. Here lies Staiy’s values, and the mission of our platform.