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Photography by Jasmin chew from Pexels

November, 6th 2020

Sparking joy and confidence in its consumers, The Wearness is an e-commerce platform for guilt-free, luxury apparel. Founded by women, the brand is proudly committed to promoting ethical and sustainable fashion. In conversation with Julia Zirpel, the founder of The Wearness, Staiy had the chance to live through her journey and learn the story behind the brand’s vision and mission.

Words By Srishti Narang 

Julia Zirpel, The Wearness Co-Founder & CEO 

Julia’s story begins in the tropics of India, growing up in a family of female breadwinners. It was her babysitter who supported her family, and who one day saved enough money to allow herself the luxury of buying a new sari (a traditional Indian outfit). To Julia, the sari did not merely represent a new piece of clothing. Sparking her nanny with confidence, the sari made Julia especially happy.

Having worked in fashion for over twenty years, the ever-present questions in Julia’s mind remain the same: “What value do clothes bring [to people]? What is the future of the fashion industry going to be?” Fashion is constantly evolving with new trends emerging left, right and centre. While the latest matching co-ord and a fresh pair of Jimmy Choo shoes are aesthetically pleasing, the result is a mammoth pile of waste. This just did not sit right with The Wearness team.

As an online marketplace, The Wearness has honoured its pledge to be a global platform for ethically and sustainably produced fashion, beauty and other luxury products. They have the ambitious goal of changing people’s perspectives on ethical luxury. As a brand, they offer consumers a positive shopping experience that is easy, attractive, and guilt-free. In this all women’s team, they have the same vision of creating equally beautiful clothes without all the waste that typically accompanies it, and a shared vision is a powerful thing.


The brand has recently been working on a new blouse that is soon to be launched. “This blouse is made from recycled cotton without any plastic, and the seams are made out of Tencel [a cellulose fibre made from wood pulp]. The labels are pure cotton and the buttons are recyclable,” Julia discloses. “We want people to wear these clothes for as long as possible but which are also biodegradable.”

The Wearness is among the rising heroes of online shopping where potential collaborating manufacturers and designers are evaluated against the brand’s three key criteria: timeless designs, impeccable quality and sustainable production methods. Sustainability has been incorporated into The Wearness business model as well as in the lifestyle of its team members. The brands that come on board The Wearness are no exception. “For us, it’s very important to understand the mindset of the brands so that we work well together,” Julia explains. “We also understand that no company can be 100% sustainable. However, it is important to understand [a company’s] values, their work, their working conditions, and their goals.”


Everything you see on The Wearness platform has pride and joy weaved in its seams. The Wearness women made a promise to consumers and the planet and they have delivered. They have captured the essence of luxury in outfits that will spark confidence and delight for many years to come, all whilst cherishing the planet.