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Staiy presents TheFinet, a sustainable clothing brand strongly committed to promoting environmental awareness and social inclusion via its designs.

Words By Sophie Badaoui


The Story

TheFinet is a Barcelona based, sustainable fashion brand founded by designer Roser Finet in 2017. At first glance, it may seem like any sustainable brand you encounter, but don’t be fooled: TheFinet is a statement brand; it stands for a “strong ethical, social and environmental commitment.” This idea traces back to Roser’s experience as a fashion designer. Ambitious, creative and passionate, she had previously worked in many fast fashion businesses. Soon enough, she realized that her work was contributing to perpetuating a fashion culture she did not care for at all: disrespect and mistreatment of garment workers, destruction of the planet, and a mass consumption complemented by an emotional devaluation of the clothes.

Indeed, these wasteful, superficial habits had made people completely oblivious of the stories of their clothes and the journey of each garment they owned. Had Roser been less conscious and responsible, she probably would have kept working for these fast fashion labels. Fortunately, that is not the case. Her strong morals in regards to the planet and the human race encouraged her to found TheFinet, concentrating her energy on what truly mattered to her.

Roser takes inspiration from her mother Ascensió, loungewear brands, and the fashion styles of random people she admiratively scrutinizes on the streets. Her designs reflect a personal mix of all the little details she notices. When she created the label, her idea was simple: promote an appealing collection that would convince people to switch to sustainable shopping, exclusively. She distinguishes her work from others by highlighting her meticulousness: “I always try to find the best detail, soft and neutral, to give it a touch of originality to every single style.”

Her designer signature reverberates in her collection through “Sustainable, neutral & basic colors”, as she defines the vibe portrayed as “fresh, feminine and comfortable”. Her long term goals include releasing more collections and making TheFinet become customers’ first choice for sustainable, basic daily wear. As portrayed, the brand’s essence can be defined as “practicality and comfort with elegance and femininity.” In fact, TheFinet aims to defy one of the biggest stereotypes of sustainable clothing, the one entailing that sustainability and style do not go hand in hand. Consequently, their collections’ designs enhance femininity and elegance without compromising the social and environmental commitment aspect.

Lace Bicolor Jumper

Lace Bicolor Jumper

“Sustainability is simply doing the right thing”

Regarding sustainable fashion, Roser sees it as an inevitable process, as modern fast fashion is slowly destroying the planet, and consequently, the human race. She sets up the right example as her brand uses organic, biodegradable fabrics exclusively and produces locally, making sure that their impact on the planet is low and that the respect for garment workers is met. Plus, in terms of shipping and packaging, the brand attempts to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible, opting for carton boxes instead. However, she admits that finding organic, high quality fabrics that met her budget and her choices in quantities and color has been the biggest challenge she had to deal with so far. For this very reason, she advises young designers and founders to invest their time in finding good, reliable suppliers.

To Roser, sustainability is simply “doing the right thing”, so even if it requires more research and the shift to higher production costs, it is all worth it. She is well aware that unfortunately, not every label is as genuine as hers. The designer highlights the unbearable, greenwashing trend and the many actors taking advantage of sustainable fashion for self-interests, such as “yarn mills or textile factories […]” and of course, fast fashion brands. Concerning modern luxury in the industry, Roser believes in the tremendous challenge luxury brands are facing in adapting their identity to the new consumer’s mind: indeed, people are becoming more aware and conscious when it comes to sustainability and the care for the environment and the people.

The Mission

Getting a closer look at TheFinet’s designs and materials, the details and dynamics incorporated embrace the idea of social inclusion. As a matter of fact, the materials are carefully picked out to satisfy absolutely every woman. To meet these standards,TheFinet chooses fabrics that are 100% organic and GOT certified, ideal for those who have allergies and sensitive skin. The size range is especially designed to include all bodies, from underweight to overweight, as every woman deserves to have access to the current trends, no matter what she looks like. The brand also addresses women who have a reduced mobility, as every TheFinet collection presents “a design fastened at the back, to facilitate the placement of the garment”. 

In a way, and like any genuinely sustainable designer, Roser wishes to communicate a sense of ecological and social awareness via her creations. Underlining the benefits of a harmonious, inclusive society, TheFinet aims to empower belongingness in communities among current and future generations, with a deeply rooted connection to Mother Nature. For this very reason, TheFinet collections all embrace a common message: “a new way of living and feeling fashion”. Although It is particularly addressed to “committed and confident, feminine and practical, determined and thoughtful” women, Roser expresses her wish to design clothes for both women and men in the near future.


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