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THREE 2030


These three companies have committed to very lofty 2030 environmental goals that employ the three R’s of corporate sustainability; Reduce, Restore, and Reinvest. 

Words By Oskar Ebel Nielsen


3R Substainability 

Sustainability and climate change have come higher on the priority list for Multi-National Companies; we at Staiy value these efforts.

Some of our favourite projects naturally follow the “three R’s” of (corporate) sustainability; Reduce, Restore, and Reinvest, to strive for a better, less CO2 filled future.

For this week’s #SUSTAINABILITYWEDNESDAY we want to highlight three ambitious sustainability-focused projects, in hopes to encourage and inspire other companies to join the efforts. 

Reduce – A “Giga” Project (Walmart) 

Firstly, let us have a look at Walmart, the American superstar of department and grocery stores. From 2015 to 2030, Walmart has set a goal to reduce supply chain emissions by one billion metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalents!

The aptly named Project Gigaton implores Walmart’s suppliers to create SMART goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and to report to Walmart with annual results to help reach the goal.

In the process, Walmart gives their suppliers the opportunity to be recognised for their efforts, with symbolic trophies such as ‘Sparking Change’ and ‘Giga Guru’.

These titles represent the number of goals and reports made by the suppliers, showcasing the suppliers’ dedication to the project.

So far, 3169 of Walmart’s suppliers have signed up for the Gigaton project, with 28% of them reaching the status of Giga Guru.

However, as of the fifth of November, suppliers will need to increase the variety of pillars (Energy,Nature,Waste,Packaging, andProduct Use) they report on, to maintain this coveted status.

Restore – Save the Trees! (Apple)

Apple decided to fill their sustainability quota, rather appropriately, by restoring and planting trees, but they are not the type of tree you would find in an orchard.

Apple’s corporate emissions have been carbon neutral since April 2020. However, their supply chain emissions are still net positive, which is why Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives, announced in Apple’s 2020 Environmental Progress Report that “by 2030, [Apple is] committing to total carbon neutrality”.

Their initial 2020 achievement is partly thanks to their 2018 mangrove tree protection and restoration initiative in Córdoba, Colombia. The initiative was carried out in collaboration with Conservation International and their regional partners.

These mangroves cover an area of over 109 square kilometres. Apple believes the mangrove project will absorb 1 million metric tonnes of CO2.

As you can see, mangroves are the champions when it comes to carbon storing, as they store tenfold as much carbon as terrestrial forests.

On top of that, they also serve to sustain the lifestyle of coastal communities in Cispatá Bay by providing food and wood supplies and naturally preventing coastal erosion by holding onto sediments with their roots.

*If you are looking to help plant some trees of your own but do not know where to start, give our partners over at One Tree Planted a look and consider donating!*

Reinvest – Green Money (CitiGroup)

Last but not least, we have CitiGroup with a very exciting announcement from April of this year.

They “are committing $1 trillion to sustainable finance by 2030, which aligns with the ambitious agenda of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” states their Head of Global Affairs, Ed Skylar, in a post on CitiGroup’s official website.

This fantastic initiative is split into two parts. $500 billion are allocated to environmental finance initiatives where they plan to facilitate a variety of ‘climate solutions’ such as sustainable transport, renewable energy and water conservation.

The remaining $500 billion are committed to other noble SDGs with the intention of investing in education, affordable housing, diversity and gender equality initiatives. A step towards intersectional environmentalism.

Seize the initiative

With the ever quickening Earth Overshoot Day, we know there is still more that needs to be done to take on climate change.

Hope these projects will set an example for other corporations to take a stand against it.

These are just a few honourable mentions of the projects and goals that corporations have been up to with environmental sustainability in mind, but there are certainly more that are worth mentioning.

What are some of your favourite initiatives you have seen or been a part of? We would love to hear about them!