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With Summer waving goodbye and Autumn taking over (September 22nd!) for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, these cozy organic cotton jackets are sure to be a welcome addition to any man’s cold-weather wardrobe.

Words By Rebecca Jacoby


In order to properly enjoy all the wonderful things that the onset of a cold Autumn can bring, our parents taught us to bundle up and dress appropriately. And what better way to do this than to invest in a good jacket? Staiy presents to you organic cotton jackets for men, suitable for all climates of the coming seasons. They can be worn alone for warmer transition days or layered up for icy winter nights. Not only are these jackets versatile and stylish, they’re sustainable too, as growing organic cotton requires significantly less water and reduces water pollution by 98%. Good for you and good for the environment!

KOMODO – SKY GARDEN – Organic Cotton Jacket Khaki

Komodo, a brand originating from the UK in 1988, has perfectly mastered the overlap between style and sustainability. Not only are the pieces beautiful, they embody sustainability in each step of their production process and design: using only organic, natural and eco fibers and taking conscious steps to minimize their environmental impact through exploring innovative materials and production techniques. But Komodo takes their conscientiousness to the next level. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that not only are their garments produced in the least environmentally harmful way, but also in a safe working environment, with workers being guaranteed a fair wage. The SKY GARDEN jacket for men is vegan and 97% organic cotton, perfect for the eco-friendly consumer awaiting the cold weather.

AA Gold – EDEN

Munich born, AA Gold makes sustainability and responsible use of resources a core pillar of their brand, in addition to a fashionable attitude. The brand derives inspiration from traditional Asian clothing, creating strong and sleek silhouettes. They use ethically and sustainably sourced materials and incorporate zero waste principles in the design and production of their garments. Sustainable all the way from sourcing to production, what more could you ask for? This black men’s jacket with a slitted side seam is made of 100% organic cotton and is a zero waste product, proving that commitment to sustainability does not necessarily mean forsaking style.

Arknit Studios – The Organic Cotton Jacket – Green

Arknit Studios was founded by Alessandro Lovisetto in Biella, Italy in 2018. The brand places great emphasis on delivering long-lasting, premium quality Italian wool apparel, using digital technology. In fact, they closely monitor and supervise the manufacture of their knit wear to ensure the production process remains zero-waste. If you want to incorporate the Arknit Studios motto in your life and ‘buy less, buy better’, check out this timeless, organic cotton green jacket for men, which brings together practicality and sustainability in this stylish, utility inspired, classic look.

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