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Niccolò P. is here to reinvent a men’s wardrobe staple – the polo shirt. The brand has managed to perfect the shirt to take you from relaxed morning meetings to the evening rooftop bars. Staiy is proud to spotlight a brand made with the finest fabrics, perfect fit and sustainable sourcing and production.

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck

January, 29th 2021

It’s time to take a hard look at the old polo shirts in the back of your closet. Can you do better? Niccolò P is here to show you that you can. Taking 15 months to source the best materials and perfect the pattern from countless prototypes, the menswear brand brings you the new golden standard of the classic polo shirt. 

The founder P. Keane first came up with the idea in 2016, when at a barbecue with some friends he started to notice how several guys in name brand polo shirts were too boxy, had low quality fabrics, the collars started to curl up and used cheap plastic buttons. The quality was so evidently not present, and he decided to “put the ‘shirt’ back in ‘polo shirt’”. The name was derived from the Italian travelling merchant Niccolò Polo, also known as the father of Marco Polo.

Niccolò P. sources and manufactures exclusively in Europe using niche, mainly family-owned, and highly skilled producers. The brand places an emphasis on creating close relationships with the suppliers and producers to ensure that they are operating at the highest standards. You can learn more about their suppliers here. The quality and attention to details also comes into play with the use of genuine mother-of-pearl buttons, flat-felled seam stitching and stand collars. This method of stitching takes five times longer than your average seam and allows for increased comfort and a signature structured look. The stand collars ensure that they can withstand wear for years to come without curling up, while also looking perfect under jackets and coats.



From boxy fit, low-quality fabrics, plastic buttons and shapeless collars, Niccolò P took the shortcomings of the old polo shirts we all know you own and created a polo shirt with bespoke shirt-like attention to detail made using the smoothest cottons; a polo which always feels great. Find your perfect polo at

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Niccolo P.

Niccolò P.

Niccolo P

Niccolò P.

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